2020 Public Health and Hearing Webinar Series


This online seminar series will explore and challenge current thinking on hearing loss in older adults – from a mere inconvenience to a major public health problem, affecting mental and physical health, social interactions, and increasing economic costs to society.

It will provide insights into the lived experience – necessary for understanding how to redesign approaches to healthcare. The series will discuss ways in which hearing healthcare is delivered, explore the evidence which supports the existing service delivery model, identify challenges to this, and propose innovative solutions to address this. Finally, the series will discuss the importance of consumer engagement in co-constructing user-centred models of health, and will explore ways in which Australia could reconsider its current approach and transform hearing health to better meet the growing need.

28 July
Why hearing loss in older adults is a major public health problem

Associate Professor Piers Dawes (Macquarie University)
Professor Bamini Gopinath (University of Sydney)
Associate Professor Amber Willink (University of Sydney)

Audiology Australia endorsed event: CPD2021 011 | Cat 1.2 – 1 CPD point

25 August
The lived experience 

Dr Caitlin Barr (Soundfair)
Dr Nicole Matthews (Macquarie University)
Margot Albrecht (Advocate)

Audiology Australia endorsed event: CPD2021 021 | Cat 1.2 – 1 CPD point

22 September
New insights and solutions 

Dr Brent Edwards (National Acoustic Laboratories)
Dr Melanie Ferguson (National Acoustic Laboratories)
Mr Phillip Nakad (Macquarie University)

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Audiology Australia endorsed event: CPD2021 027 | cat 1.2 – 1 CPD point

20 October
Consumer engagement and social design 

Professor Frances Rapport (Macquarie University)
Dr Carrie Nieman (Johns Hopkins Medicine)

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17 November
Digital platforms and alternative pathways for early engagement

Dr Annie Lau (Macquarie University)
Professor Bandana Saini (University of Sydney)
Dr Stephen Carter (University of Sydney)

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8 December
Co-designing new models of hearing health

Panel discussion

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All sessions from 12pm – 1pm AEST and will be live captioned

Moderator: Professor Catherine McMahon (Macquarie University)

louise.dodd@mq.edu.au | (02) 9850 6703 For further information please contact Louise Dodd  

This webinar series will be available online for viewing  after the event, please register to receive the links.