Inspiring confidence in young people

Hear for You Public Speaking event

Top left to bottom right: David Brady, Olivia Andersen, Professor David McAlpine, Alex Miller, John Lui, Metessa Stewart, Grace Troughton and Heather Hunt

On Thursday 5 November, at the Australian Hearing Hub, at Macquarie University three brave (confident) mentees, Grace Troughton, Alex Miller and Metessa Stewart took the opportunity to perform at a live public speaking workshop in front of an audience of 30. The audience consisted of Hear for You Founder Olivia Andersen, Professor David McAlpine, Professor of Hearing, Language & The Brain Director of Hearing Research Macquarie University, clinicians, researchers, teachers, and friends of Hear For You.
The welcome address was given by Professor David McAlpine. Professor McAlpine talked about the importance of being able to communicate and express your point of view. He believes that learning the skill of public speaking is a great tool to be able to build confidence and creates a great platform to express your opinion to an audience.


All three mentees provides interesting presentation about their personal insights and views on the technology of today and tomorrow. David Brady, CEO, Hear for You, explained “This is the second public speaking event. It’s an offshoot of the mentor program. Public speaking is a very important skill, you need in life if you want to go and speak in the workforce, events, or to family and friends, and this is about inspiring confidence.”


He said that the three teenagers, that have a mild to moderate hearing loss, “who spoke on the night showed courage beyond their years to stand alone at the speaker’s podium.”


David Brady thanked the Australian Hearing Hub for providing this opportunity to use their facilities to host the mentoring workshops and public speaking event.