The HEARing Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) is focused on the twin challenges of more effective prevention and improved remediation of hearing loss. It is an internationally unique consortium of research, clinical and industry organisation, constituting five core and 21 support Members. Through research and its utilisation, the HEARing CRC aims to reduce the impact of hearing loss by:

  • maximising lifelong hearing retention
  • reducing loss of productivity due to hearing loss
  • increasing uptake and use of hearing technology; and
  • providing postgraduate education and professional training.

The HEARing CRC has recently launched the HEARing Education and Research Network (HEARnet), an online resource centre with content designed specifically for patients, the public, researchers and healthcare professionals interested in hearing health and technology.

The HEARing CRC is delighted to be a part the Australian Hearing Hub, bringing many of our collaborations together under one roof. We firmly believe that through the Hearing Hub, and the new opportunities that it will generate, Australia will retain its position as a world leader in this field.

The HEARing CRC undertakes end-user driven collaborative research that informs clinical practice and technology development. Our HEARing Education and Research Network (HEARnet ) provides information and resources for researchers and healthcare professionals as well as the general public.

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