COVID -19 update: Health and safety procedure

To protect the health and safety of individuals entering the Australian Hearing Hub building during the pandemic, we have implemented daily temperature checks to reduce the spread of COVID-19. All staff, students, clients and research participants will be required to undertake a temperature test upon arrival each day.

There will be three temperature testing checkpoints: two located at the front and back entrances to the Australian Hearing Hub building and the third at the car park entry.

The entire testing process takes around 30-60 seconds, unless a person has a higher than acceptable temperature reading i.e. > 37.7 degrees, they will be required to sit for 5-10 minutes, and be retested. If the second test still indicates the same temperature, that person will be asked to leave the building and seek GP advice.

Each person will only be tested once per day, so if they leave and re-enter the building, their ID is tagged as having already undergone the temperature test.

We appreciate your support in helping us implement this new health and safety measure and will endeavour to ensure minimal disruption to your day.

As a general reminder, if you are experiencing symptoms of fever or respiratory symptoms you must isolate yourself immediately and seek the advice of your GP.

To obtain the latest information regarding COVID-19 and potential impacts to Macquarie University students and staff please go to: Macquarie University Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection: latest information