Research updates

  1. Hearing Study – Objective measures of binaural processing in children ...

    19 September, 2019
    If you are a parent or caregiver of a child aged between 3 months and 3 years, your child is invited to participate in a two-hour research study on brain and hearing maturation.
  2. New research project at the National Acoustic Laboratories

    17 September, 2019
    The aim of this project is to investigate whether the advanced features of a hearing aid can help reduce the effort required in daily conversations.
  3. Official start of the new ARC Linkage project 'Beyond Speech: ...

    9 September, 2019
    The new ARC Linkage Project ‘Beyond Speech: Roads to Effective Communication’ officially started on 8 August
  4. Layelle excelling in two languages

    18 June, 2019
    Research has shown that bilateral implants significantly improve speech and vocabulary outcomes. For nine-year-old Layelle, this has her speaking fluently in two languages.
  5. New Cochlear study to help Chinese children

    18 June, 2019
    A huge congratulations to Dr Ping Tang, who has graduated with his PhD and was awarded the Vice-Chancellor's commendation for academic excellence! 
  6. Speech-in-noise difficulties with a normal or ‘near-normal’ audiogram? Participate in ...

    12 February, 2019
    A team of the National Acoustic Laboratories is now collecting data on the experiences of people with normal hearing or mild hearing loss who have greater-than-normal difficulty understanding speech in noise, as well as the clinicians who see these clients.
  7. Innovative research aiming at MEG (MagnetoEncephaloGram) scan for cochlear implant ...

    7 January, 2019
    Want to contribute to science? Are you around Uni during January?
  8. Intrepid MEG Astronauts at Macquarie University

    13 September, 2018
    Using MQ’s worlds-first child-optimised magnetoencephalography (MEG), this ARC funded project have successfully completed the first phase of data collection with eighty-four young children and their families’ visiting the lab to undergo astronaut training (‘MEG’) testing.
  9. Would you like to volunteer for research and get paid? ...

    9 August, 2018
    We are looking for listeners with bilateral cochlear implants OR a cochlear implant with hearing aid aged between 18 to 80.
  10. New research shows that Death Metal lyrics are intelligible to ...

    27 June, 2018
    New research published in the June issue of the Journal of Music Perception by Drs Kirk Olsen, Bill Thompson and Iain Giblin shows that Death Metal lyrics are intelligible to certain groups of listeners.
  11. Language development in deaf or hard-of-hearing children with additional disabilities: ...

    7 June, 2018
    Approximately 30-40% of children with hearing loss have one or more additional disabilities. New research underscores the potential benefits of early intervention for these children.
  12. ARC Discovery Project - Listen and learn

    13 November, 2017
    Professor David McAlpine, has been awarded funding for an ARC Discovery Project “Listen and learn - statistical learning and the adapting auditory brain”
  13. The Role of Music in Your Family: Online Survey

    11 July, 2017
    Do you have a child aged 2-5yrs yet to start primary school?

    If so, you could help us by completing an online survey on music!
  14. The Age: New study demonstrates link between music and statistical ...

    18 May, 2017
    Dr Pragati Mandikal-Vasuki talks to The Age about her study on the effect of learning music in childhood on auditory and visual skills.
  15. Relationship between Indigenous Children's Hearing and Phonological Awareness

    16 March, 2017
    On 8 March 2017 a Workshop was held at Macquarie University on the 'Relationship between Indigenous Children's Hearing and Phonological Awareness in Remote Communities in the Northern Territory'
  16. Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) MidWinter Meeting

    16 March, 2017
    The Association for Research in Otolarynogolgy (ARO) held its 40th Annual MidWinter Meeting in Baltimore on 11-15 February 2017.
  17. Get your hearing tested!

    9 March, 2017
    Are you aged between 18-50 years?
    Participate in our experiment!
    Receive $20 vouchers for each session of participation.
  18. Participate in research: Do you have difficulty listening to speech ...

    9 March, 2017
    Get your hearing tested!
    Are you aged between 18-70 years?
    Do you have difficulty listening to speech in the presence of noise?
  19. Participate in research: Do you wear hearing aids?

    8 March, 2017
    Get your hearing tested!
    Are you aged between 18-70 years?
    Do you wear hearing aids?
  20. The Centre for Implementation in Hearing Research (I-HeaR)

    20 January, 2017
    Associate Professor Catherine McMahon, Department of Linguistics, has been awarded funding to create a new MQ Research Centre. The Centre for Implementation in Hearing Research (I-HeaR).
  21. Teaching the elderly how to fight off the blues by ...

    4 April, 2016
    A study by Macquarie University researchers has found that being involved in a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) group program, aptly named Ageing Wisely, can help elderly people fight off depression and anxiety.
  22. Kids’ hearing difficulties are reflected in their brainwaves

    10 January, 2016
    The researchers found that the presence of noise affects the brainwaves of all children, and so is a relevant factor to consider when thinking about ...
  23. Australian Hearing Hub Open House - Presentations

    4 September, 2014
      Download presentations from the Australian Hearing Hub Open House event – Short talks Harvey Dillon – Hearing in the AHH Katherine Revius – Early ...
  24. Hearing and the Brain: Translating research into practice, presentations

    26 June, 2014
    Download the presentations from the Hearing and the Brain: Translating research into practice Frank Lin H&B 2014 Blake Johnson H&B 2014 Kathy Pichora-Fuller H&B 2014 ...
  25. Inaugural conference 2013, Abstracts

    20 June, 2013
    Download abstracts from the Australian Hearing Hub inaugural conference,2013.
  26. HEARnet

    6 May, 2013
    The HEARing Education and Research Network (HEARnet) provides information about hearing, hearing loss and hearing technology for the public, hearing healthcare and medical professionals, and researchers. It is presented such that users can readily understand and apply information in their everyday lives or clinical practices.
  27. HEARLab

    6 May, 2013
    HEARlab is a versatile clinical device developed by the HEARing CRC and the National Acoustics Laboratory (NAL) to record and analyse electrophysiological data in the form of the Cortical Auditory Evoked Potentials. It can be used to measure the hearing ability of babies, children and adults unable to respond verbally to hearing tests.
  28. Audiology research story

    9 January, 2013
    This is an audiology research story conducted by The Macquarie University Speech Clinic, Research Team.