AHH Research and Collaborative Committee members

Professor David McAlpine (Chair)

Macquarie University Hearing

McAlpine is Professor of Hearing, Language and the Brain, Academic Director at Macquarie University Hearing, and an ARC Laureate Fellow. He is an acknowledged global leader in the field of auditory neuroscience and was recently awarded a prestigious Einstein Foundation Fellowship for a project to explore how auditory memories are formed in the listening brain. Previously, as Director of the UCL Ear Institute, he oversaw the Institute’s development into a world-class centre for discovery science and translational research.

Emma Scanlan

Hearing Australia

Emma is Principal Audiologist for Adults at Hearing Australia, mainly responsible for service delivery and quality for adults with complex needs. She has delivered clinical services in the paediatric and adult areas for many years, and manages policy and practice for clients who have severe and profound hearing loss, have poor communication ability, or have other impairments in addition to hearing loss.

Alison King

Hearing Australia

Alison King is Principal Audiologist for Paediatric Services at Hearing Australia.

Dr Brent Edwards

National Acoustic Laboratories

Brent Edwards, Ph.D., is the Director of the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL), where he is currently leading new innovation initiatives that focus on transforming hearing healthcare. For over 22 years he headed research at major hearing aid companies and at Silicon Valley startups that have developed innovative technologies and clinical tools used worldwide. Dr. Edwards founded and ran the Starkey Hearing Research Center in Berkeley, California that was a leading site for research in hearing impairment and cognition.

Professor Greg Leigh AO


Director of NextSense Institute and conjointly Professor of Education and at Macquarie University. Greg has served on numerous Australian Government consultative committees and is Chair of the Australasian Newborn Hearing Screening Committee. He is a former National President of the Education Commission for the World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf and Chair of the International Congress on Education of the Deaf. He is active in research and serves on the editorial boards of several journals in the field.

Dr Jim Hungerford

The Shepherd Centre

Jim joined The Shepherd Centre as Chief Executive Officer, a charity that helps deaf or hearing impaired children to listen and speak, in 2011.

Jim began his career as a vet in private practice, then joined Biotech Australia, helping to pioneer vaccines for pets and cattle before moving into business development and marketing before making the life-changing decision to join Pareto Fundraising as CEO, and move into the not-for-profit sector in Australia.

Mary-Beth Brinson


Mary Beth Brinson is the Vice President of Global Clinical Affairs for Cochlear Limited. She leads a team of researchers around the globe and is responsible for developing the strategies for clinical evidence and execution of clinical studies. She is a passionate advocate for people and families with hearing loss and for evidence-based clinical practice. Dr. Brinson is currently Adjunct Fellow at Macquarie University and holds an MBA from Rutgers University in the USA.

Professor Roger Chung

Macquarie University, Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences

Roger is the Professor of Neurobiology and Neurochemistry and Deputy Dean Research and Innovation for the Faculty of Medicine, Health & Human Sciences. His main areas of research interest involve a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding the basic biochemical, molecular and cellular mechanisms that underpin how neurons respond to injury or neurodegenerative disease, and how non-neuronal cells (glia) are involved in modulating this process.

Professor Catherine McMahon

Macquarie University Hearing

McMahon is Head of Department for Linguistics at Macquarie University and Director of HEAR (Hearing, Education, Application, Research) Centre. She is a commissioner for the Lancet Commission on Hearing Loss. She contributed to the World Report on Hearing (published by WHO), and was on the committee that developed the Roadmap of Hearing Health, endorsed by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG). She is the lead investigator for two projects seeking to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal children with hearing loss.

Distinguished Professor Katherine Demuth

Macquarie University, Department of Linguistics

Katherine Demuth is the founding Director of the Child Language Lab and the Director of the Centre for Language Sciences (CLaS) at Macquarie University. Demuth’s research focuses on Language Acquisition, including studies of both perception and production. She is especially interested in the development of phonological, morphological and syntactic representations, in both typically developing and language-impaired children and L2 learners.

Associate Professor Paul Sowman

Macquarie University, School of Psychological Sciences

Sowman is the Director of Research in the School of Psychological Sciences at Macquarie University. He trained as a Physiotherapist at Otago University and later graduated with a PhD in Physiology from the University of Adelaide. He subsequently held fellowships with the NHMRC and ARC in the area of speech motor neuroscience. His research uses magnetoencephalography (MEG) and non-invasive brain stimulation methods to understand neural processes underpinning normal and abnormal cognitive development.

Professor Liz Pellicano

Macquarie University, Macquarie School of Education

Pellicano is a developmental and educational psychologist committed to transforming autism science so that it more accurately reflects everyday autistic life.
Liz is Professor in the Macquarie School of Education, having been Professor of Autism Education and Director of the Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE) at University College London (UCL). She has recently been awarded a 4-year Future Fellowship from the Australian Research Council to identify ways to bridge the gap between lab and life and open up research to greater involvement of autistic people themselves.

Louise Dodd

Australian Hearing Hub

Louise provides the executive support for the Australian Hearing Hub Research and Collaborative. Committee.