Announcing a talk at NAL

Announcing a talk at NAL         
Presenter Bram Van Dun, Senior Research Electrophysiologist, NAL
Title New project: Estimating thresholds at individual cochlear implant (CI) electrodes using cortical auditory evoked potentials (CAEPs) recorded with a clinical EEG system (ie. HEARLab)
Date Tuesday 4 October 2016
Time 10:00am
Description This talk will first present some background on the need for alternative ways to fit cochlear implants opposed to what is currently being employed in the CI clinic. It will then provide a selected overview on the work that has been conducted already, both at NAL and in the literature re the use of CAEPs for threshold estimation in CI users (and how to deal with inevitable CI artefacts). Finally, a research methodology is proposed to compare between thresholds obtained at individual CI electrodes behaviourally, and those derived from CAEPs using the two-channel clinical HEARLab system. This project is in its conceptual stage, so any feedback on the proposed research methodology is welcome!
Location Denis Byrne Seminar Room, Level 4 Australian Hearing Hub
Audience All with an interest in the topic are welcome.