Audiology Masterclass Series 2020 – Sujita Kanthan

This Masterclass series will take place in person at the Australian Hearing Hub, as well as be offered live through a Zoom webinar from 12-1pm EST on the posted date. Ten days after each live event, a recording of the webinar will also be made available for you to watch via the Short Courses website. You will be notified via email for both the live event and when the recording is available to watch.


Topic 5: Predicting the probability of a successful audiological evaluation in children with developmental delay
Location: Australian Hearing Hub, Lecture Theatre
Date: 9 November, 2020
Presenter: Sujita Kanthan

Audiological assessment in children with developmental delay is a challenging endeavour. A Paediatric Audiologist may be one of the first professionals that parents meet in their diagnostic journey, when a child is suspected of having a developmental delay/ ASD. Experienced Paediatric Audiologists can not only help to establish the status of the child’s hearing but also direct the parents to appropriate professionals who can further play a role in the diagnostic process.

This presentation will discuss the findings of a cohort study conducted at JPAC. A census was conducted of children who required Visual Reinforcement Orientation Audiometry (VROA) and Visually Reinforced Operant Conditioning Audiometry (VROCA), to analyse any referral trend and to establish the percentage of children with possible developmental delay. A checklist was used by the audiologists during the case history collection, to identify any early indicators of developmental delay/ASD. Information was also collected about any modifications made to the test procedure, to adapt to an individual child’s needs or behaviours. The presentation will outline some strategies that may help other audiologists to test a child with developmental delay and additional needs.

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Accreditation: Completing this webinar will contribute 1 hour NESA Registered PD addressing 1.1, 1.5,.1.6, 6.2,.6.3, 6.4, 7.4 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teachers Accreditation in NSW.


Accreditation: This course has been approved by AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language to offer LSLS™ 1 CEUs per presentation.