Audiology masterclass series 2021

NextSense and AHH

These events are free for AHH Members not seeking accreditation!

The series is rapidly evolving and more sessions will be added in the coming weeks!

Topic 1: Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder – putting the ‘spectrum’ into perspective. 
Date: Thursday 29 April
Time: 12-1pm AEST.
Presenter: Dr Kirsty Gardner-Berry
Individual Sessions: $50
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Whilst auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder (ANSD) is known to result in a wide range of outcomes with both hearing aids and cochlear implants it’s not always easy to decipher from the literature which of the key elements are at play and how to best counsel clients and families about the most appropriate management pathway for their specific presentation.

In this webinar a combination of age-of-onset and diagnostic assessment tools will be presented to help clinicians categorize different ANSD sub-groups, explain the variation in outcomes seen, and guide the clinical management pathway moving forward.


Topic 2: Shifting the Goal Posts. Hearing loss & Cochlear implantation in the Australian Landscape.
Date:Thursday May 20
Time:12-1pm AEST.
Presenter: Emma Ramsay
Individual Sessions: $50
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Australian Professor Graeme Clark AC was inspired by his deaf father to help deaf people hear. The ground breaking research he led in Australia began in the late 1960s, when almost all auditory neurophysiologists believed that providing useful hearing through electrical stimulation would be impossible.

When cochlear implants were first commercialised most potential candidates and health care professionals hoped the device would be an aid to lip reading. Forty years later the goal posts have shifted considerably and expectations include the ability to swim wearing the device, cell phone connectivity, hearing in noise and much, much more. Cochlear has continued with global clinical research and technology development programs, integrating new findings into products with enhanced performance and usability to meet these growing and ever changing expectations.

In this session you will hear Cochlear Australia New Zealand’s Clinical Director Emma Ramsay , discuss the improvements the Cochlear implant industry has seen over the last 20 years,  how the Australian landscape has changed and improvements still needed and learn about ways  Cochlear’s technology can maximise hearing and lifestyle outcomes.


Topic 3: Introduction to the PLUM and HATS
Date: Thursday 6 May
Time: 12:00-1:00pm AEST
Presenters: Meagan Ward, Carmen Kung, and Sam Harkus
Individual Sessions: $50
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You may have come across new tools available from the National Acoustics Laboratories called PLUM and HATS. They are checklists designed to guide conversations with parents of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children aged 6 months to five years, to explore their child’s listening and communication skills development.

Originally designed with the primary health workforce in mind to assist with triaging for referrals, they can also guide decision making across the continuum of care. Come and learn what they are, why they were developed, and how they are being used, and our hopes for how they may play a role in closing the gap around child development.


Topic 1 : The endorsement number is CPD2021 107 and the category and CPD points are as follow:
Category 1.2 – 1 CPD point
Topic 2: The endorsement number is CPD2021 106 and the category and CPD points are as follow:
Category 1.2 – 1 CPD point
Topic 3: The endorsement number is CPD2021 116 and the category and CPD points are as follow:
Category 1.2 – 1 CPD point


Ten days after each live event, a recording of the webinar will also be made available for you to watch via the Short Courses website. You will be notified via email for both the live event and when the recording is available to watch.

NOTE: The recordings after the seminar will only be made available to participants who have paid to register and receive accreditation.

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