Beyond Speech Workshop

Towards Better Communication for Children with Hearing Loss

Thursday, 14th – Friday, 15th October, 2021

Online, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia


Children with hearing loss face unique challenges when acquiring spoken language. Despite advances in early identification, hearing devices and intervention, many children with hearing loss still experience challenges achieving effective communication. Expanding upon the success of our 2020 event, this multidisciplinary online workshop brings together perspectives on these children’s language development from researchers, clinicians, health practitioners and families alike.

Keynote Speakers

• Susan Nittrouer (University of Florida)

• Catherine McMahon (Macquarie University)

• Suzanne Purdy (University of Auckland)

• Christine Yoshinaga-Itano (University of Colorado)

Discussion Panels

• Longitudinal Outcomes of Children with Hearing Impairment (LOCHI) study

• Teresa Ching (Macquarie University, National Acoustic Laboratories)

• Linda Cupples (Macquarie University)

• Greg Leigh (Macquarie University; NextSense Institute)

• Perspectives from parents of children with hearing loss

• Reflections from young adults with hearing loss


Abstract submissions due 9th July, 2021

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Organising Committee

Ben Davies, Katherine Demuth, Rebecca Holt, Chi Yhun Lo, Katie Neal, Isabel O’Keeffe, Pamela Pan, Mridula Sharma and Elise Tobin


Workshop Sponsors

• ARC Linkage Grant LP180100534 (Demuth & Sharma)

• ARC Laureate Fellowship FL13010014 (Demuth)

• Macquarie University Child Language Lab

• Macquarie University Centre for Language Sciences (CLaS)