Getting Ready for Big School – communication skills group program

Moving into big school is a big deal! Children have to learn a variety of new skills very quickly as they move into their new class and school structure.

In Kindy, children often need to become proficient quickly with news-telling, reading and spelling (including phonological awareness), and asking and answering questions. Children learn at different paces and in different ways. We are offering a school holiday group designed to nurture the communication skills of children transitioning to kindergarten.

Sessions will be conducted by Master of Speech and Language Pathology students and by Certified Practising Speech Pathologists. The group will be modelled on a classroom environment to assist with children’s transition from pre-school.

The group will be activity and play-based and focus on pre-literacy and language skills for children starting school. The program includes key aspects such as learning classroom rules, news-telling, story-time, and group games. Each activity targets skills fundamental to learning, including early reading, inferencing, communicating ideas effectively, listening, and appropriately interacting with peers. This group is well-suited to children aged 4-6 starting school this year. You do not need to be an existing client to attend.

The Group program will include:

  • Phonological awareness (syllabification, rhyming, letter-to-sound knowledge)
  • Underlying skills for literacy (reading and spelling);
  • News-telling skills;
  • Listening skills for the classroom; and
  • Asking and answering questions in the classroom environment.
  • Gross Motor skill development with a paediatric Physiotherapist

Please note that the curriculum for the group is adapted to each new cohort. If there is a large discrepancy in ages and areas of need, activities will be tailored to ensure each child receives individual attention.

You will receive a short report of the activities and how your child enjoyed the group at the end of the groups.

Dates: Wednesday 12th January to Friday 14th January 2021



9.30am – 11.30am each day


$225.00 for all sessions



MQ Health Speech and Hearing Clinic
Australian Hearing Hub
Ground Floor, 16 University Avenue, Macquarie University (next to Piccolo Me Café)
Campus map:
Parking: Free parking is available on level B2 under the building
Preparation: Take your child to the toilet when you arrive.  The toilets are located next to the lifts.
What to bring: A drink bottle and a piece of fruit
Prior SP assessments: Please bring along any speech pathology assessments your child has had in the past.
Do I need to stay? You are not required to stay in the room for the group. However, we ask that you stay in the vicinity so that you can return within 15 minutes if needed. We ask siblings to stay with their parents. There is a café just outside our entrance.


Book your place by calling reception on: 9850 2900