Looking for an activity for your child during the school holidays?

Researchers at the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) are looking for children aged 9-12 years to participate in a study looking at the effectiveness of children’s earmuffs.

The study will involve a 90-minute appointment at NAL where your child will have a hearing test, and then be asked to respond to sounds while wearing different earmuffs.

The study will run from July 6 to July 17 and participants will be reimbursed $30.

This study will help researchers understand the benefits of children wearing earmuffs in noisy environments to protect their hearing, and will provide parents with recommendations on which earmuffs to buy.

Researchers are aiming to publish the results on the NAL website within three months of the testing.

Parents interested in registering their child for the study should contact Kiri Mealings.