Social Language Skills Group

Event date and time: Monday 28th September, Wednesday 30th September, Thursday 1st October 12pm-1pm

Summary: Setting a strong foundation for social language is essential. Our September group boosts children’s capacity to work in groups, manage conversations and build relationships. This group is perfect for children in all years of Primary School to enable them to build crucial social language skills for school success. Children in School Years K-6 are welcome.

Cost: $112.50

You don’t need to be an existing client to attend!

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Social skills are essential for communication for people of all ages. These foundations are laid early, with children learning and using social skills largely in play. Children learn to follow the ‘unspoken’ rules of conversation (like turn-taking, eye contact, and facial expressions) to build relationships. This helps them work in groups at school and communicate with peers. Topics will include:

  • Greetings and conversation-starters
  • Turn-taking and listening in conversation
  • Having and maintaining a conversation
  • Sharing and identifying feelings
  • Being a good friend