Connecting with NAL – Soundbites webinar series

National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL), the research division of Hearing Australia, launched Soundbites webinar platform on May 27th 2020. We created this initiative to share NAL’s world leading research and connect with the national and international hearing health community during these COVID-19 ‘isolated’ times, and beyond. In three months, NAL hosted 15 Soundbites webinars and engaged professionals and organisations all over the world. There were over 800 attendees from 26 countries and over 1,500 views of Soundbites on YouTube.

Soundbites series explored current and emerging hot topics in Audiology, including adult rehabilitation, tele-health or connected hearing health deep dive from various perspectives, hearing loss prevention, empowerment, LOCHI, realistic listening environments, over-the-counter devices and behavioural insights on device choices made by clients. The webinars were presented by our team of leading researchers from NAL – Brent Edwards, Mel Ferguson, Teresa Ching, Elizabeth Beach and Jorge Mejia.

Follow our Events page for upcoming webinars. If you’ve missed the action so far, recordings of past presentations can be found on our NAL YouTube channel. If you would like to co-host a webinar or explore collaboration opportunities with NAL, connect with us at