Study Without Stress (SWoS) Program eTraining course

Developed by Dr Viviana Wuthrich, the Study Without Stress (SWoS) program has been designed to target difficulties many students have in coping with stress during their final years of secondary school.  It is now listed on the Victorian Schools Mental Health Menu as a program of choice, and many student support officers across NSW have received training in the program.

The Centre for Emotional Health provide online training in the SWoS program through our eTraining course to teach professionals how to implement the SWoS program within their own setting.  This online training course will enable psychologists, school counsellors and teachers in a wellbeing/mental health support role (e.g. pastoral care teacher), and other mental health workers or wellbeing staff with relevant qualifications and experience to implement the SWoS program within their relevant setting.

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