The Shepherd Centre

The Shepherd Centre opens up a world of sound for children with hearing loss and their families, providing one-on-one support across a range of programs and services aimed at providing sound and spoken language to deaf children, and training parents to teach their child to listen and speak.

This includes access to our First Sounds Cochlear Implant Program, with integrated medical, audiological and therapy services to support child and family before and after cochlear implant surgery; and our internationally-recognised Early Intervention System, which teaches skills in the areas of listening, speech, language, literacy and cognition.

Other services include Audiology and Auditory-Verbal therapy sessions, Child and Family Counselling services, regular Speech and Language Assessments, and Group Programs for children and parents, offering a rich sound environment for children of all ages.

The Shepherd Centre provides therapy to families across NSW, the ACT and Tasmania either in person or via their Interactive Online Services. The Shepherd Centre has seven physical centres – Macquarie, Newtown, Liverpool, Wollongong and Canberra as well as interim visiting sites in Minto (servicing the Macarthur area) and Shellharbour (servicing the south coast).

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