1. Spain’s highest honour for hearing researcher

    16 January, 2023
    Hearing loss researcher Dr Joaquin Valderrama has been awarded Spain’s highest civil honour.
  2. Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf – A Virtual Day at ...

    9 December, 2022
    On Friday 9 December, over 100 Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf (IToD) spent A Virtual Day at the Australian Hearing Hub.
  3. Hear for You Networking Night

    9 December, 2022
    It was fantastic to see new and old faces at our Networking Night for alumni and invitees of Hear For You and The Shepherd Centre last Friday at Canva Space!
  4. Nuheara OTC hearing aid

    9 December, 2022
    Congratulations Nuheara for receiving 510(k) premarket clearance for their over-the-counter and self-fitted device, HP Hearing Pro. A big congratulations and thank you to the Clinical Trials team at NAL who worked tirelessly to make this possible. This is an important step in bringing the technology to market and we’re excited for more Clinical Trials and developing news in the self-fitting and OTC devices space
  5. A need for better videoconferencing solution for people with hearing ...

    9 December, 2022
    A pilot study at NAL sets the stage for a repeatable and validated way to test how well people with hearing loss can understand speech on different videoconferencing technologies and how well different technologies, such as hearing aids, improve that experience.
  6. Hearing Australia urges action on occupational noise-induced hearing loss

    9 December, 2022
    More than 1.1 million workers in Australia continue to be exposed to harmful levels of noise in their workplace. During National Safe Work Month, held every year in October, Hearing Australia urged workers across all industries to protect their ears from dangerously loud sounds and released a new fact sheet on protecting your hearing at work
  7. Soundbites 2022 wrapped up with a finale panel discussion

    9 December, 2022
    Full list of Soundbites 2022.
  8. AHH end of year celebration

    8 December, 2022
    To celebrate the end of a successful year, the Australian Hearing Hub hosted an end-of-year celebration on 8 December.
  9. Hearing the future – a showcase of collaboration and innovation ...

    6 December, 2022
    The contribution Hearing Australia and the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) have made to the nation’s hearing health was on full display at the Hearing Hub recently, serving as a powerful reminder of the importance of collaboration with our partners to improve the lives of people with hearing loss. 
  10. Halving the rate of hearing loss in First Nations children ...

    5 December, 2022
    Hearing Australia has launched its Action Plan for Improving Ear Health and Hearing Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children. The organisation is committed to working with First Nations peoples and communities to halve the rate of hearing loss in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children by 2029.
  11. Closing the gap in Aboriginal hearing health

    5 December, 2022
    The number of Aboriginal audiometrists in Australia has increased by 750 per cent thanks to a hearing initiative led by Macquarie University.
  12. International Day of Persons with Disabilities - 3 Dec 2022 ...

    4 December, 2022
    To celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the Audiology Committee of International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders, moderated two talks and a panel discussion.
  13. The Shepherd Centre Announces CEO Transition

    2 December, 2022
    The Shepherd Centre has announced that Dr Jim Hungerford will hand over the baton of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) after 12 years at the helm. After engaging in a rigorous, externally-run selection process, the Board and management have appointed Dr Aleisha Davis to the role of CEO, effective from 20th January 2023.
  14. Professor Greg Leigh AO has been honoured with Hearing Australia’s ...

    29 November, 2022
    Left to Right: Kim Terrell, Managing Director, Hearing Australia; Professor Greg Leigh AO, Director, NextSense Institute; The Hon. Bill Shorten; and Elizabeth Crouch AM, Chair, ...
  15. Kay shares her new lease on life after her cochlear ...

    18 September, 2022
    Cochlear implant recipient Kay shares her heart-warming story of being able to re-connect with her loved ones, after a lifetime of progressive hearing loss. “Being able to reconnect with my family and friends through being able to hear again has been more than I can ever put into words. It is wonderful.” Read her story here.
  16. The Shepherd Centre establishes it’s first service in Tasmania

    14 September, 2022
    The Shepherd Centre has made significant progress in establishing local and permanent services in Tasmania over the past six months.
  17. Identifying hearing loss in childhood

    14 September, 2022
    The question of how best to identify hearing loss in childhood (beyond newborn hearing screening) was the focus of a recent workshop of the Australasian Newborn Hearing Screening Committee (ANHSC). The online workshop was hosted by the NextSense Institute on behalf of the ANHSC. A literature review conducted by the National Acoustic Laboratories was a key consideration as the group of more than 180 stakeholders worked towards achieving a consensus view
  18. The ‘Power of Speech’ event encourages more government support ...

    14 September, 2022
    The ‘Power of Speech’ took place on 8 September 2022 at the Australian Parliament House in Canberra. As part of the event, seven children between the ...
  19. Introducing HEARsearch

    13 September, 2022
    We have exciting news to share! NAL is opening the doors to research participation.
  20. Hearing Australia celebrates 75 years of innovation and service to ...

    13 September, 2022
    Hearing Australia’s journey has been an extraordinary one. Starting with their support to returned war veterans in 1947, the organisation has transformed with changing times ...
  21. Macquarie University  and TALi (Health) Digital sign a five year ...

    13 September, 2022
    Both parties have entered this MOU to establish a framework for state-of-the art research, and to set out potential areas in which both organisations intend ...
  22. Hearing impairment in Adults: Longitudinal Outcomes Study (HALOS) seeking volunteers ...

    13 September, 2022
    Professor Bamini Gopinath, Cochlear Chair in Hearing and Health at Macquarie University, is leading a multidisciplinary team on the Hearing impairment in Adults: Longitudinal Outcomes ...
  23. Deep Pattern Mining for Brain Graph Analysis: A Data Mining ...

    13 September, 2022
    ARC Linkage grant  Success - $351,667
  24. Three Australian Hearing Hub employees graduate in August 2022

    13 September, 2022
    Three employees from the AHH community graduated from Macquarie University and attended the August graduation.
  25. The Hon Bill Shorten MP visits the Australian Hearing Hub ...

    22 June, 2022
    This month, Hearing Australia and the National Acoustic Laboratories were privileged to host the Hon Bill Shorten MP, Minister for NDIS and Government Services, and Jerome Laxale MP, Member for Bennelong.
  26. World-First Cochlear Therapy

    21 June, 2022
    A ‘first-in-human’ clinical trial of cochlear implant recipients directed to regrow the hearing nerve gathered together to share experiences of the rediscovery of their hearing with other trial participants and the research team.
  27. Using a decision tree approach to determine hearing aid ownership ...

    21 June, 2022
    A new study from MU Hearing’s Dr Yvonne Tran, Dr Diana Tang, Prof Bamini Gopinath, Prof Catherine McMahon, with Prof Paul Mitchell from The Westmead Institute aimed to understand the hearing loss characteristics that contribute to the decision of hearing aid ownership. The study concludes that a decision tree approach that considers both objectively measured hearing loss and self-perceived hearing disability, could facilitate a more tailored and personalised approach for determining hearing aid needs in the older population.
  28. How William and Michael found love from across the ‘sound ...

    20 June, 2022
    William, a NextSense client who is deaf, and his partner Michael, who is hearing, recently shared how they embrace their differences to build a loving, healthy relationship that navigates both hearing and Deaf worlds.
  29. CLaS Eye-tracking Workshop 1: Eye-tracking methods and paradigms

    20 June, 2022
    On 17th May 2022, Macquarie University's Centre for Language Sciences (CLaS) hosted a half-day hybrid workshop on eye-tracking, an increasingly popular experimental method for speech and language research.
  30. The National Acoustic Laboratories partners with WS Audiology to overcome ...

    16 June, 2022
    Through a new research collaboration, NAL will work closely with WS Audiology to investigate the knowledge and attitudes that Australians have about hearing solutions and factors that impact their decisions to use a hearing device.
  31. Cochlear agrees to acquire Oticon Medical, Demant's hearing implants business ...

    2 May, 2022
    Cochlear Limited, a global leader in implantable hearing solutions, agrees to acquire Oticon Medical for DKK850 million (approx. AUD170 million) following Demant’s decision to exit its hearing implants business activities. As part of the transaction, Cochlear has committed to providing ongoing support for Oticon Medical’s base of more than 75,000 hearing implant recipients, which includes cochlear and acoustic implants.
  32. NextSense welcomes Federal Budget funding injection for world-class centre for ...

    31 March, 2022
    NextSense welcomes the contribution of $12.5 million towards our new innovation centre at Macquarie University, which was announced in Tuesday's Budget.
  33. Macquarie University and NAL are delighted to welcome Dr Sriram ...

    23 March, 2022
    Macquarie University and National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) are delighted to welcome Dr Sriram Boothalingam, from March 2022, in the first joint research appointment under the ...
  34. Australian Eye and Ear Health Survey

    3 March, 2022
    On World Hearing Day, Macquarie has hosted the launch of the Australian Eye and Ear Health Survey. This is the first time hearing has been included, with Inaugural Cochlear Chair in Hearing and Health at MU Hearing, Professor Bamini Gopinath, leading the ear health component.
  35. Mahrukh shared her story as part of Cochlear Foundation’s ‘Achieve ...

    3 March, 2022
    “I had not seen, read or even heard about a doctor with disabilities so I (mistakenly) believed that medicine wasn’t an option for me,” shares 24-year-old doctor Mahrukh Zaidi.
  36. NextSense CE welcomes Australian Eye and Ear Health survey

    3 March, 2022
    With the aim of raising awareness of hearing loss and what more can be done, NextSense Chief Executive Chris Rehn had an opinion piece published in the Newcastle Herald on World Hearing Day. The piece welcomes the launch of the Australian Eye and Ear Health survey and covers the impact of hearing loss on our community.
  37. Hearing Australia releases First Nations storybook to help kids hear ...

    3 March, 2022
    Hearing Australia has collaborated with Aboriginal artist Davinder Hart to launch a children’s storybook, ‘Spirit of Sound’, to raise awareness of the cultural importance of sound and good hearing health for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children
  38. AHH showcase – celebrating World Hearing Day

    3 March, 2022
    To celebrate Hearing Awareness Week and World Hearing Day, the Australian Hearing Hub hosted a showcase on 3 March 2022. 
  39. Cochlear implant recipient, Monica Lam, wins Graeme Clark Scholarship

    2 March, 2022
    Born and raised in Cherrybrook, Monica Lam has just received the prestigious Graeme Clark scholarship to pursue study in optometry. Having dealt with a major sensory impairment from birth with her own hearing loss, Monica is now passionate about helping others improve quality of life through sight.
  40. Caring for South-West Sydney kids for generations to come

    2 March, 2022
    The Shepherd Centre will officially open the doors of their brand-new centre at Oran Park next Monday 7th March 2022.
  41. Q & A: Diana Tang, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, MU Hearing

    2 March, 2022
    I’m part of the Public Health and Policy Pillar within Macquarie University Hearing. Our goal as a team is to bring a public health lens to hearing research in order to better understand how hearing problems affect health and social outcomes.
  42. NextSense Hearing Awareness Week 2022 campaign page

    2 March, 2022
    NextSense have launched a web page dedicated to Hearing Awareness Week 2022, which highlighted key questions about hearing loss, how our clients found the answers at NextSense, key hearing loss data, and what inspires some of NextSense's dedicated staff to work in hearing services.
  43. What’s one secret to ageing well? Asking questions about hearing ...

    2 March, 2022
    Clinical Professor Catherine Birman answers common questions about hearing loss and cochlear implants to mark Hearing Awareness Week 2022
  44. After rediscovering a world of sound, Paul is using his ...

    2 March, 2022
    Ever since he lost hearing due to otosclerosis, Paul Rice has been on a mission to enhance his hearing and participate in the world of sound around him.
  45. NAL releases its Annual Impact Report

    28 February, 2022
    The National Acoustic Laboratories has released its 2021 Annual Impact Report. The report features impactful projects delivered with global collaborators and research experts, and it also explores future trends that are fuelling innovation in the field of hearing healthcare. View the report on the NAL website now.
  46. Global Task Force calls for consistent standard of care guidelines ...

    25 February, 2022
    The formation of a new global Task Force was announced this week, marking the next step in the creation of ‘Living Guidelines’ to set the standard of care for adult cochlear implantation (CI).              
  47. Co-occurring Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline in Older Adults

    9 January, 2022
    Co-occurring Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline in Older Adults: A Dual Group-Based Trajectory Modelling Approach is now published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 24 December 2021.
  48. NAL is pleased to announce the launch of its new-look ...

    14 December, 2021
    Through the new website, NAL is able to better showcase the world leading research and innovation it delivers for people with hearing loss.
  49. Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf – A Virtual Day at ...

    13 December, 2021
    On Friday 10 December, 98 Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf (IToD) from New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Western Australia, virtually spent A Day at the Australian Hearing Hub.
  50. Call to action on hearing loss led by HEAR Centre ...

    7 December, 2021
    The special edition of Public Health Research & Practice Journal contains 8 papers that highlight different aspects of hearing health and the need for change in Australia.
  51. NAL welcomes Catherine Morgan and Padraig Kitterick to the leadership ...

    6 December, 2021
    NAL welcomes a new Head of Clinical Trials, Catherine Morgan and new Head of Audiological Sciences, Dr Pádraig Kitterick,.
  52. A panel discussion on the FDA’s draft guidelines for OTC ...

    6 December, 2021
    This Soundbites panel discussion is a special collaboration with ICRA (the International Collegium of Rehabilitative Audiology) on these issues, providing ICRA Fellows' thoughts on the details of the draft OTC regulations.
  53. Hearing Australia has established a First Nations Services Unit

    6 December, 2021
    Hearing Australia has established a First Nations Services Unit to better meet the hearing health needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families.
  54. The Hon Dr David Gillespie MP visits the Hearing Hub ...

    6 December, 2021
    Hearing Australia and the National Acoustic Laboratories were privileged to host Minister for Regional Health, the Hon Dr David Gillespie MP to discuss the importance of ear and hearing health.
  55. Professor Jim Patrick Awarded Scientist of the Year

    6 December, 2021
    Jim Patrick, Chief Scientist – Emeritus at Cochlear, has been awarded ‘Scientist of the Year’ in the 2021 NSW Premier’s Prizes for Science and Engineering.
  56. The Shepherd Centre commences services at Oran Park

    6 December, 2021
    For the first time, The Shepherd Centre has opened services in Oran Park, beginning with some of its existing families. The expansion of the organisation’s services to South West Sydney, one of the fastest growing regions in the NSW, will help countless families meet the additional needs of raising a child with hearing loss.
  57. Cochlear reinforces commitment to reconciliation with launch of Reconciliation Action ...

    6 December, 2021
    Cochlear joins leading Australian organisations in formalising its commitment to recognising and reconciling with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  58. Lorraine’s cochlear implants reignite her zest for life

    2 December, 2021
    After more than 30 years with hearing aids, 73-year-old Lorraine Dobbie is back to doing all the activities she loves, thanks to her cochlear implant. Now, she’s helping others on their journeys.
  59. NextSense shares insights at Beyond Speech workshop

    2 December, 2021
    Four NextSense academics and practitioners joined world leaders at Macquarie University’s recent Beyond Speech workshop, to share their clinical and academic knowledge aimed at advancing ...
  60. Beyond Speech Workshop

    2 December, 2021
    The Beyond Speech Workshop, focusing on improving communication for children with hearing loss, was held online on 14th-15th October, 2021.
  61. Help deaf and hard-of-hearing kids access STEM

    2 December, 2021
    Macquarie University, the Australian Hearing Hub and the Junior Science Academy have successfully been running Hearing Hub junior Science Camps for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children since 2018.

    Please, if you can, support us with a donation.

  62. Aboriginal audiometry students welcomed

    29 November, 2021
    Sixteen Aboriginal health workers undertaking a Diploma in Audiometry have been welcomed to campus for their first face-to-face teaching block. 
  63. How music is helping children with hearing loss

    25 November, 2021
    New Macquarie University research has revealed how singing, dancing and playing musical instruments has an array of important benefits for children with hearing impairments.
  64. New app from National Acoustic Laboratories improves communication at hearing ...

    26 October, 2021
    Mask wearing and physical distancing in a COVID-19 world can make communication challenging, particularly for people with hearing loss who have difficulty understanding speech.
  65. How can we understand speech in the presence of background ...

    25 October, 2021
    This study highlights a critical role for neural feedback circuits that modulate the activity of the inner ear, enabling effective listening to degraded speech
  66. Hearing Hub Junior Science Academy is a finalist in the ...

    14 October, 2021
    Since 2018, Macquarie University, the Australian Hearing Hub, Junior Science Academy, and Parents of Deaf Children have developed unique opportunities for deaf and hard-of-hearing (DHH) children to engage with science.
  67. Loud Shirt Day - Friday 22 October

    13 October, 2021
    Loud Shirt Day is the perfect excuse to wear your brightest clothes and get LOUD and PROUD to raise money to help give the gift of sound and speech to deaf children.
  68. Hearing Health Today episode features Bamini Gopinath

    12 October, 2021
    Professor Bamini Gopinath, epidemiologist and Cochlear Chair in Hearing and Health Macquarie University discusses how lifestyle factors impact on hearing loss and other health and social outcomes.

    Listen now
  69. Announcing the Phonak-Macquarie-NAL Alliance on hearing research and innovation

    7 October, 2021
    Macquarie University and The National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) are delighted to announce the formation of the Phonak-Macquarie-NAL Alliance. This unique three-way, multi-year research partnership, funded by Phonak, a global provider of hearing solutions and part of the Sonova Group, unites Phonak’s expertise in hearing-aid innovation with the research strengths and translational power of Macquarie University Hearing and NAL, with activities centred at the Australian Hearing Hub.
  70. Better hearing services for more Australians

    30 September, 2021
    The report of an independent review of the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program has been released today.
  71. 2021 Fresh Scientist for NSW

    30 September, 2021
    Dr Chi Yhun Lo has been announced as a 2021 Fresh Scientist for NSW. Chi is Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation, an Adjunct Fellow at Macquarie University, the Secretary of the Parents of Deaf Children, and the co-founder of the Hearing Hub Junior Science Camp for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children.
  72. Give your kids HAPEE ears today

    13 September, 2021
      Hearing Australia has launched a campaign to improve the ear and hearing health of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Ear disease and ...
  73. National Acoustic Laboratories receives new funding for LOCHI Project

    13 September, 2021
    The Department of Health has recently announced that it has committed to continuing support for the ongoing Longitudinal Outcomes of Children with Hearing Impairment (LOCHI) for the ...
  74. Research into improving hearing health for Aboriginal children with otitis ...

    13 September, 2021
    Professor Catherine McMahon and her team have been selected as Highly Commended finalists for the Excellence in Research: Five Future-shaping Research Priorities – Healthy People Award in the Macquarie University 2021 Research Excellence Awards.
  75. Hearing Australia working with communities to improve the hearing of ...

    13 September, 2021
    Hearing Australia, with the support of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services across Australia, has helped over 8,000 First Nations children aged 0-6 years in some 240 communities during the past 12 months.

  76. Macquarie University Hearing to lead the hearing component of the ...

    13 September, 2021
    This Survey will examine close to 5,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Aboriginal Australians over a period of two years.
  77. With Jess every step of the way

    10 September, 2021
    Supported through school by NextSense, Jess gained the confidence to attend mainstream school and is now doing what she loves.
  78. Telepractice and early intervention: new evidence

    9 September, 2021
    Groundbreaking research by a NextSense Institute PhD graduate Melissa McCarthy is earning worldwide recognition, adding evidence to the field and generating confidence in support of the benefits of telepractice for family-centred early intervention.
  79. Professor David McAlpine awarded a prestigious Einstein Fellowship

    9 September, 2021
    Professor David McAlpine, Academic Director of Macquarie University Hearing, has been awarded a prestigious Einstein Fellowship, worth €450,000 over three years.
  80. The Shepherd Centre officially integrates Hear For You and extends ...

    3 September, 2021
    Hear For You has been officially incorporated into The Shepherd Centre, with both organisations’ boards formally agreeing to the merger.
  81. Alumni making noise in the STEM world

    2 September, 2021
    The Shepherd Centre are proud to share that their alumni Christabel has won the 2021 Queensland Women in STEM Prize!
  82. New research highlights connection between language and social skills

    2 September, 2021
    A recently published study (Fulcher et al., 2021) explores how group-based intervention might be able to provide improvement to social communication skills - which draw upon an acquired understanding of others’ actions, feelings and intentions.
  83. Hearing Health Today podcast set for return after 4,000+ tune ...

    24 August, 2021
    Popular podcast, Hearing Health Today, is set to return for a second season after hearing health professionals tuned in more than 4,000 times during the first season. The first episode of season 2 will be available August 31, 2021.
  84. Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) grant success

    5 July, 2021
    The Hon Greg Hunt MP, Minister  for Health and Aged Care, announced funding to support research focused on innovative solutions in hearing and vision for people living with dementia.
  85. Cochlear announces Alison Deans as new Chair on the retirement ...

    6 June, 2021
    Cochlear Limited, the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, announces that its Chairman, Rick
    Holliday-Smith will retire from the Board on 20 August 2021. He will be succeeded as Chair by current
    non-executive director Alison Deans.
  86. An introduction to the emerging field of neuroprosthetics

    3 June, 2021
    A team led by Andrej Kral, MD, PhD, Professor of Systems Neuroscience at Macquarie University in Sydney Australia, has published a textbook on principles and applications of neuroprostheses (Kral A, Aplin F, Maier H (2021): Prostheses for the Brain: Introduction to Neuroprosthetics. Academic Press, London).
  87. Raising funds in Larapinta

    3 June, 2021
    The Shepherd Centre’s CEO Dr. Jim Hungerford embarked on a meaningful trip to the Northern Territory where he spent five gruelling days trekking the Larapinta Trail. Starting off with an initial fundraising goal of $20,000, Jim had already surpassed this target.
  88. The story behind the new name - NextSense

    31 May, 2021
    NextSense will continue supporting people who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or have low vision. Now, and for generations to come.
  89. Lindy’s rediscovered her love for music

    31 May, 2021
    For Lindy, spending more time with her first love—music—is her definition of living life to the fullest. After experiencing hearing loss as a young adult, this almost became impossible. But thanks to cochlear implants, she’s orchestrating a future full of music.
  90. Hearing Australia dials up user led innovation to support the ...

    31 May, 2021
    Through HAPEE 6,000 tests in over 200 communities have been conducted. In addition to providing diagnostic hearing assessments, HAPEE aims to improve the community’s capability ...
  91. Grant success to further research into Australia’s leading cause of ...

    27 May, 2021
    Congratulations to Diana Tang, Research Fellow-Cochlear Chair for Macquarie University Hearing, who has been awarded a  grant at a prestigious event marking a 10-year milestone for research into a cure for Australia’s leading cause of blindness.
  92. Approval granted for new state-of-the-art facility for hearing and vision ...

    24 May, 2021
    A proposal to relocate NextSense (the former Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children) to a new state-of-the-art facility on the Macquarie University campus has been approved by New South Wales Planning and Public Spaces Minister Rob Stokes MP.
  93. A/Prof Piers Dawes publishes the Montreal Cognitive Assessment - hearing ...

    12 April, 2021
    A/Prof Piers Dawes and his SENSEcog project colleagues have published a version of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) adapted and validated for people with hearing impairment. 
  94. Introducing NextSense: RIDBC’s new brand

    22 March, 2021
    Today, RIDBC, along with its group of services, unveiled its new brand and positioning, as a single, unified organisation—NextSense.
  95. What made Brett Lee get behind World Hearing Day

    9 March, 2021
    Professor Catherine McMahon was joined by the cricketer on 2GB Radio to talk about the World Health Organisation's World Hearing Report, which was recently launched at the University.
  96. National Acoustic Laboratories supports Hearing Care for All 

    4 March, 2021
    The National Acoustic Laboratories supports Hearing Care for All by providing tools, evidence-based recommendations, emerging technology validations and building collaborations with our growing ecosystem. Thanks to you, our collaborators, who have helped us with our mission to change the lives of people with hearing loss.
  97. First World Report on Hearing calls for action on a ...

    4 March, 2021
    The Australian Hearing Hub at Macquarie University’s North Ryde Campus has today launched the first ever World Health Organization (WHO) World Report on Hearing.
  98. Listening Check to detect child hearing loss online

    4 March, 2021
    A new, free-to-access online Listening Check set to help Australian parents and caregivers check for possible signs of hearing loss in children has been launched ...
  99. The Shepherd Centre sets up in Shellharbour

    4 March, 2021
    The Shepherd Centre, a leading provider of early intervention services for children with hearing loss, is pleased to announce the opening of a new visiting centre in Shellharbour’s Flinders Child and Family Centre on the NSW South Coast.
  100. Hearing Australia events and resources to support Indigenous ear health ...

    3 March, 2021
    March 3, is World Hearing Day and Hearing Australia’s Hearing Assessment Program — Early Ears (HAPEE) program is holding a series of events throughout the week with its spokespeople, singer-songwriter Emma Donovan and Play School presenter and actor Luke Carroll.
  101. Relationship Between Diet, Tinnitus, and Hearing Difficulties

    3 March, 2021
    Congratulation to Associate Professor Piers Dawes and  co-authors  on winning the inaugural Ear and Hearing Readers' Choice Award for their article  "Relationship Between Diet, Tinnitus, and Hearing Difficulties
  102. RIDBC is rebranding

    3 March, 2021
    Over the last 160 years RIDBC has significantly expanded its services, and has broadened to support people with hearing loss of all ages. Now, they’re rebranding.
  103. World Hearing Day: David Campbell partners with Hearing Australia

    3 March, 2021
    New research reveals that Australians don’t talk about hearing loss with friends and family, despite the fact it could be hindering their quality of life. ...
  104. World Hearing Day: Dementia link brings call for screening overhaul ...

    3 March, 2021
    As Hearing Awareness Week begins, Macquarie University researchers say strong links between hearing loss and ageing poorly highlight an urgency for better health screening of older Australians.
  105. Hearing Care for All - World Hearing Day 2021

    3 March, 2021
    World Hearing Day 2021
    Hearing Care for All - video
  106. IFA and Global Leaders Launch Statement of Intent on Hearing ...

    4 February, 2021
    The ageing and hearing care sectors join forces to raise awareness of the link between hearing and healthy ageing, and the importance of improving access to hearing care for older adults.
  107. Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf – A Virtual Day at ...

    11 December, 2020
    This full day workshop provided the ITODs with a chance to learn about the services, research and resources that are available by Australian Hearing Hub member organisations.
  108. Series of webinars celebrating the International Day of Persons with ...

    9 December, 2020
    To celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (3 December 2020), Associate Professor Mridula Sharma as the co-Chair of International Association of Communication Sciences ...
  109. A new centre in Macarthur for The Shepherd Centre

    7 December, 2020
    The Shepherd Centre will receive $2.5million in funding from the NSW Government to secure the future of the organisation’s new facility in Macarthur in Sydney’s South West.
  110. The Shepherd Centre virtually celebrates a record number of graduates ...

    7 December, 2020
    This year’s graduates at The Shepherd Centre have finished marking the upcoming milestone of moving off to school next year, with ceremonies concluding over the last week. The celebrations are a testament to the hard work of families as well as everything The Shepherd Centre can help children with hearing loss achieve.
  111. Hearing Australia helps families make the best choices for their ...

    7 December, 2020
    Hearing Australia launched their new resource for parents and families - the book Choices. Choices is a free resource for families of children who are newly diagnosed with hearing loss from birth to twelve years of age.
  112. Making a noise about hearing: Time for action

    7 December, 2020
    The report Making a noise about hearing: Factors to consider when developing hearing health awareness messages for Australians highlights the need for an awareness campaign and how it would help address long-standing systemic issues in the nation’s hearing health.
  113. National Acoustics Laboratories releases hearing aid solution that overcomes effects ...

    7 December, 2020
    NAL, the research division of Hearing Australia, has issued recommendations for audiologists across the world on how best to adjust hearing aids to counter the effect of face masks for people who use hearing aids.
  114. Australian Hearing Hub Hosts Minister

    7 December, 2020
    Minister Mark Coulton, who suffers hearing loss due to industrial deafness, said he was thrilled to see first-hand the innovation that is achieving positive outcomes for Australians with hearing challenges.
  115. Jack’s Story

    4 December, 2020
    When Jack was born with bilateral deafness, mum and dad didn’t hesitate for their son to receive bilateral cochlear implants. Five years earlier their daughter Charlie was also born with hearing loss. Today, three-and-a-half-year-old Jack is thriving with listening and spoken language thanks to support from RIDBC.
  116. Leading the way in hearing implants

    4 December, 2020
    RIDBC’s SCIC cochlear implant program is Australia’s largest, and has been for some time. Read about how Australia and RIDBC are leading the way with hearing solutions for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  117. RIDBC Renwick Centre – a history of excellence

    4 December, 2020
    The RIDBC Renwick Centre is leading the way in Australia for research and education in the fields of hearing and vision loss, offering a wide range of education options for professionals in education and allied health, parents, and carers.
  118. The ABC’s of listening and learning: a study in the ...

    19 November, 2020
    Congratulations to Associate Professor Mridula Sharma; Professor Gillian Wigglesworth; Professor Katherine Demuth on their grant success
  119. Hearing Australia embraces NAIDOC Week with celebrations of First Nation ...

    15 November, 2020
    Hearing Australia is proud to celebrate the history and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the importance of good hearing health, during this year’s NAIDOC Week.
  120. 10 questions with Dr Rebecca Kim

    19 October, 2020
    Dr Rebecca Kim is a Lecturer in Department of Linguistics and Deputy Director of the Master of Clinical Audiology Program. As a researcher, she is interested in professional/client communication and access for deaf and hard-of-hearing people.
  121. Macquarie University and Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children ...

    17 September, 2020
    RIDBC will relocate their head office and create Centres of Excellence to the campus at Macquarie University in 2023, furthering their commitment to people who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or have low vision.
  122. Going global with HearHub

    14 September, 2020
    The Shepherd Centre is excited to announce its newest initiative, HearHub, an online platform that will take its world-leading clinical programs global.
  123. Hearing Australia delivering on commitments to improve the hearing health ...

    14 September, 2020
    Hearing Australia is working with communities across regional, rural and remote Australia to tackle high rates of hearing loss in young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children
  124. Allie advocates for children with hearing loss

    14 September, 2020
    Allie received a cochlear implant two years ago, when hearing aids were no longer enough. Now, she’s on a mission to help other children who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  125. Anthony regains his hearing after 53 years

    14 September, 2020
    With bilateral cochlear implants, Anthony is reengaging with his life on every level. Here, he shares his emotional journey to hearing and reminds others that you don’t have to live with hearing loss.
  126. Australian experts join international hearing experts to publish a landmark ...

    14 September, 2020
    Australian experts have contributed to the first ever global consensus on the use of cochlear implants for the management of adults living with hearing loss, which was published today in JAMA Otolaryngology.
  127. New Cochlear Chair in Hearing and Health appointed at Macquarie ...

    11 August, 2020
    Macquarie University and Cochlear Ltd today announce the appointment of the Cochlear Chair in Hearing and Health.
  128. Macquarie University Linguistics staff to lead prestigious UN hearing project ...

    27 July, 2020
    Dr John Newall, Associate Professor Piers Dawes and Dr Rebecca Kim, researchers at Sydney’s Macquarie University, have been awarded funding from the United Nations’ Global Partnership for Assistive Technology to address hearing loss in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).
  129. Indigenous health research into the care of persistent hearing loss ...

    18 June, 2020
    A Macquarie University research team has been awarded a government grant of $1,961,473.90, over three years, by The Medical Research Future Fund to complete a study on improving care pathways for treating middle ear disease in Aboriginal children.
  130. Funding Success – Science Camps for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children ...

    18 June, 2020
    The Junior Science Camps for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children Committee was recently awarded with 3-years of funding from the Australian Hearing Hub and Campus Life ($14,976).
  131. Lara is kicking goals

    15 June, 2020
    Lara was fitted with her first cochlear implant at five years of age. For mum, Aimee, this was a game changer.
  132. Giving back the way forward for Louise

    15 June, 2020
    Ten years on from the cochlear implant that transformed her life, Louise is the Financial Controller of the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy and Board Member of Deaf ACT.
  133. Talking the talk: new games help kids explore language

    15 June, 2020
    Macquarie University Child Language Lab have designed a series of free language games that can be played at home. 
  134. Hearing Australia delivers dramatic increase in tele-audiology services to help ...

    15 June, 2020
    Hearing Australia’s national network of over 160 hearing centres has remained open over the past three months, helping some 10,000 children, adults, pensioners and veterans ...
  135. How can I ensure my child can hear well online? ...

    12 June, 2020
    Listening through an electronic device like a tablet, phone or computer can be tricky at the best of times for everyone. This is especially true for children with hearing loss. There are lots of ways you can support your child’s listening and understanding of speech through smart devices and computers.
  136. “The impact of unilateral hearing loss on adult life”.   ...

    11 June, 2020
    Researchers at NAL use a “design thinking” approach to drive more people-centred research and identify future research needs
  137. Macquarie launches website to help kids and families cope with ...

    11 June, 2020
    Macquarie University’s  Centre for Emotional Health  and  School of Education collaborated to develop the  COVID-19: We’ve got this covered!  website to help prevent anxiety and depression in children and young people during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  138. World leading research by NAL proves early hearing help gives ...

    5 March, 2020
    Hearing Australia is encouraging parents to check their child’s hearing health to ensure they have a sound start to school this year. World leading research by the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL), the research division of Hearing Australia, has established that the earlier a child with hearing loss can be fitted with a hearing aid or cochlear implant, the better the outcomes.
  139. Report highlights value of early intervention for children with hearing ...

    5 March, 2020
    A new report, released in line with Hearing Awareness Week (1-7 March) and World Hearing Day (3 March), has reinforced the value of early intervention for children living with hearing loss, finding that there are long term cash benefits of up to $500,000 per child when intervention occurs in the early years of life.
  140. Shouting to be heard: How noisy, everyday places harm our ...

    5 March, 2020
    Hearing health in Australia is in crisis, with growing numbers of people showing signs of early hearing loss – and our public buildings are contributing to the problem, says Professor David McAlpine.
  141. There's an app for that: the new 'hearables' changing the ...

    5 March, 2020
    Disruptive technology and mobile phones mean people with hearing loss now have access to cheap tools that promise to enhance their lives. Dr Nicole Matthews has been researching hearing-related digital tools and the people who use them for the last two years.
  142. Why do so few people get help for hearing difficulties? ...

    5 March, 2020
    Hearing problems are common and yet many Australians are failing to take up life-changing hearing aids and cochlear implants. Macquarie researchers set out to discover why.
  143. Olive shines on her first day

    5 March, 2020
    In 2020, The Shepherd Centre proudly saw 46 children start ‘big school’. Each of those children attended our Early Intervention programs at one of our six locations across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.
  144. Alan’s journey is inspiring others

    5 March, 2020
    Alan Edwards has shared his experience of hearing loss on many occasions, in front of as many as 1,000 people. He’s engaging. He’s funny. And he’d like to share his story with you.
  145. Caring for people is number one for audiologist Genelle

    5 March, 2020
    A rewarding journey in audiology.
    Genelle’s audiological journey started when she saw a job advertised in the paper. And the rest is history.
  146. RIDBC celebrates Hearing Awareness Week 2020

    4 March, 2020
    To celebrate Hearing Awareness Week RIDBC have a number of initiatives including a range of stories highlighting their amazing clients; cochlear implant information sessions for potential recipients; and parent workshops, available in-person and remotely, for parents of children with hearing loss.
  147. Camp gives deaf and hard of hearing children a rare ...

    4 March, 2020
    The inclusive academy is a collaborative effort between the Macquarie-based Junior Science Academy, the Australian Hearing Hub and Parents of Deaf Children. It gives deaf and hard of hearing children the chance to meet other children who live with hearing loss.
  148. For more connection and less frustration, take a hearing check ...

    4 March, 2020
    The Hearing Australia Hear&Now 2020 Challenge kicks off during Hearing Awareness Week (1-7 March) and runs until 30 April 2020.
    Visit, drop into one of the over 1,000 free* hearing check community events each month across the nation, or call 134 432.
  149. Five things you can do to protect your hearing at ...

    4 March, 2020
    Hearing loss accumulates over our lifespan – so the sooner you act to protect your hearing, the longer you will be able to hear well.
  150. Seven years on, how the Australian Hearing Hub transformed hearing ...

    4 March, 2020
    Macquarie University's staff newsletter, This Week, interviewed Professor David McAlpine about how co-location of leading hearing and healthcare organisations in the AHH has improved the lives of people with hearing and language disorders.
  151. World Hearing Day 2020 Celebration with Graeme Clark and Brett ...

    3 March, 2020
    Professor Graeme Clark, inventor of the multi-channel cochlear implant, and Brett Lee, former Australian cricketer and Cochlear ambassador, met for the first time in February to celebrate International Cochlear Implant Day and World Hearing Day 2020.
  152. "How does the human brain separate foreground and background in ...

    21 January, 2020
    Congratulate to  Dr Lindsey Van Yper, an early career researcher, on her recent successful application to the Linguistic Department's Chitra Fernando ECR fund.
  153. AHH Hackathon – Predicting biological age from MEG

    16 December, 2019
    On the 9-13 December a Hackathon was organised by the Australian Hearing Hub and the Macquarie University Department of Computing. The goal is to develop ...
  154. Four tips for celebrating sound safely this festive season

    16 December, 2019
    Good hearing is the key to enjoying all the wonderful sounds this Christmas - your favourite carols, the sound of delighted children opening their presents and contented chatter from loved ones around the dinner table. But Catherine Hart, a hearing specialist from Hearing Australia is urging Aussies not to take their hearing for granted and to protect it this holiday time.
  155. New ARC Discovery Project

    15 December, 2019
    New ARC Discovery Project to look at the perception/production link in child language development to better understand the language challenges for children with hearing loss
  156. Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf - A Day at the ...

    11 December, 2019
    On Friday 6 December, 125 Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf spent A Day at the Australian Hearing Hub. This full day workshop provided the ITODs with a chance to learn about the services, research and resources that are available by the AHH member organisations. 
  157. NAL is ‘ON Prime’ position with CSIRO

    10 December, 2019
    A team from NAL have been participating in the CSIRO ON Prime program for the past 11 weeks which empowers researchers to take their ideas out into the world and create impact. 
  158. CLaS Workshop on Language Acquisition in Children with Hearing Loss ...

    10 December, 2019
    The workshop considered which aspects of language are especially challenging for children with hearing loss and presented new thinking about the development of speech perception and language
  159. Hearing Australia and Macquarie University collaborate to transform hearing ...

    10 December, 2019
    Hearing Australia and Macquarie University today announced an expansion of their Collaborative Agreement to advance hearing health.
  160. Grant success – Macquarie University Research Infrastructure Scheme (Small)

    1 December, 2019
    Awarded $59,485 to purchase audiological equipment that will be used to (1) calibrate headphones, and (2) perform hearing screening.
  161. Ear Health Education a focus for Outreach

    26 November, 2019
    The team at the RIDBC Jim Patrick Audiology Centre have been attending outreach programs to various parts of the state for over 16 years. Each one is unique. Each one is different. But they all have one thing in common – they are improving the ear health amongst indigenous children.
  162. Annie does a live radio interview for Power of Speech ...

    25 November, 2019
    The Shepherd Centre 2019 Power of Speech candidate, Annie who has hearing loss, spoke live on air to ABC Radio AND over the phone!
    Well done Annie!
  163. Grant success – Macquarie University Research Infrastructure Scheme (Large)

    20 November, 2019
    Awarded $149,089 to install a multi-projector video reproduction system with an extensive 200° acoustically transparent screen inside the 3D speaker array in the anechoic chamber located within the Australian Hearing Hub.
  164. H:EAR joins WHO World Hearing Forum

    6 November, 2019
    Macquarie University's Research Centre H:EAR (Hearing, Education, Application, Research), has been accepted as a member of the World Health Organisation's World Hearing Forum.
  165. Carolyn finds the wow factor

    5 November, 2019
    When talking about the benefits of a cochlear implant, Carolyn Simpson is clear - "I wish I had done this ten years ago. It's the best thing I ever did in my life."
  166. Stay connected to the people and sounds you love with ...

    30 October, 2019
    Hearing Australia is calling on all Australians to have their hearing checked to stay connected to the people, sounds and activities they love.
  167. Listen up! Experts call for action on hearing loss-depression link ...

    17 October, 2019
    Understanding and addressing the impacts of hearing loss on mental wellbeing has become an urgent issue, write renowned Macquarie University audiologists Professor Catherine McMahon and Associate Professor Piers Dawes.
  168. Marc is heading for success

    2 October, 2019
    In early July, Marc received his first cochlear implant at Westmead Hospital from surgeon Associate Professor Melville da Cruz.
  169. Hearing Matters have settled into their new premises at the ...

    30 September, 2019
    After moving from Hillview Community Health Centre in February, Hearing Matters have settled into their new premises in Suite 600, Ground Floor of the Australian Hearing Hub.
  170. Winners of the Hear For You Film Festival by deaf ...

    17 September, 2019
    “Most of the deaf and hard of hearing teenagers Hear For You mentors and supports have also been supported by Hearing Australia since they were ...
  171. Macquarie University provides training to staff from Jilin University, China ...

    17 September, 2019
    In August, four staff from Jilin University, Changchun, China visited Macquarie University for three weeks to receive comprehensive training in standard adult assessment.
  172. RE:Conception 2019

    17 September, 2019
    Two Australian Hearing Hub member organisations, Macquarie University and National Acoustic Laboratories joined forces at RE:Conception, to inform and educate those attending live music venues on how to protect their ears from loud noise.
  173. New chapter in teaching children to read

    16 September, 2019
    Next year, a bachelor degree in cognitive and brain sciences will be offered for the first time at the university.

  174. Congratulations Amanda Fullerton

    16 September, 2019
    Amanda Fullerton, Linguistics PhD student, competed in the Macquarie University rounds of the 3 Minute Thesis Competition.
  175. Welcome Associate Professor Piers Dawes

    10 September, 2019
    On Monday 9 September, the Australian Hearing Hub hosted Associate Professor Piers Dawes to give a presentation on ‘Hearing and help seeking’. 
  176. Top End Children Shine at Inaugural Camp

    9 September, 2019
    The two-day event blended educational experiences with a range of fun and social activities, providing opportunities for the children to practice their communication and social skills, and build relationships.
  177. Age only a number for Dorothy

    9 September, 2019
    “It’s the best thing I ever did” Dorothy says. A reference to the decision to get a cochlear implant. Ordinarily this statement is something recipients often say. However, there is nothing ordinary about Dorothy Auld. Or her story.
  178. Crowdfunding campaign to support Science Camps for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing ...

    9 September, 2019
    Help us raise funds to run communication-accessible camps for deaf and hard-of-hearing children
  179. Official start of the new ARC Linkage project 'Beyond Speech: ...

    9 September, 2019
    The new ARC Linkage Project ‘Beyond Speech: Roads to Effective Communication’ officially started on 8 August.
  180. Hearing Australia urges women to celebrate sound this Women’s ...

    7 September, 2019
    Hearing Australia urged women of all ages to celebrate the sounds they love by taking time out to think about their hearing health at this year’s Women’s Health Week (2-6 September).
  181. Hearing Health Awareness at Macquarie University Open Day

    22 August, 2019
    At the Macquarie University Open Day, Australian Hearing Hub member organisations provided hearing health awareness, hearing screenings, demos and fun
  182. Conference on Implantable Auditory Prostheses (CIAP)

    30 July, 2019
    The Conference on Implantable Auditory Prostheses (CIAP) was held from the 14-19 of July, 2019, at Lake Tahoe, California.
  183. Hearing Australia to deliver better client services

    11 July, 2019
    Australian Hearing has updated its branding and changed its name to Hearing Australia as part of its commitment to deliver better services to its clients, to the Australian Government and to the communities it serves.
  184. New app to help keep endangered languages alive

    8 July, 2019
    Macquarie University researchers are part of an international minority language project that will help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Australia record Indigenous words and sentences into an online resource.
  185. Toy Story 4 features a boy with cochlear implant ...

    1 July, 2019
    The creators of Toy Story 4 have been praised for featuring a boy wearing a cochlear implant.
  186. Indigenous Hearing Health Symposium - Proceedings

    18 June, 2019
    H:EAR | Hearing Education Application Research, Macquarie University and the Australian Hearing Hub hosted an Indigenous Hearing Health symposium.
  187. Layelle excelling in two languages

    18 June, 2019
    Research has shown that bilateral implants significantly improve speech and vocabulary outcomes. For nine-year-old Layelle, this has her speaking fluently in two languages.
  188. New Cochlear study to help Chinese children

    18 June, 2019
    A huge congratulations to Dr Ping Tang, who has graduated with his PhD and was awarded the Vice-Chancellor's commendation for academic excellence! 
  189. Crowdfunding campaign to support Science Camps for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing ...

    17 June, 2019
    Help us raise funds to run communication-accessible camps for deaf and hard-of-hearing children.
  190. 'You Can't Ask That' about deafness

    11 June, 2019
    A recent episode of ABC's 'You Can't Ask That' was about deafness. Bec Stewart from Hear For You featured in the programme,
  191. Big Hearing Data Workshop

    6 June, 2019
    On Tuesday 4 June 2019, Macquarie University Hearing, Department of Computing and the Australian Hearing Hub held a ‘Big Hearing Data Workshop’.
  192. Hearing loss, Aging and Public Health

    23 May, 2019
    On Friday 10 May, Macquarie University and the Australian Hearing Hub hosted Professor Frank Lin, Director of the Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health and a Professor of Otolaryngology, Medicine, Mental Health, and Epidemiology at Johns Hopkins.
  193. Hearing health crisis among Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders

    30 April, 2019
    The huge prevalence of middle ear disease among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders is linked with poor education and a range of social problems, writes hearing researcher Professor Catherine McMahon.
  194. Professor Jim Patrick AO awarded an Honorary Doctorate

    17 April, 2019
    Macquarie University are proud to award Professor Jim Patrick AO an Honorary Doctorate for his service to the field of hearing and cochlear implants.
  195. Macquarie University cares about hearing

    26 March, 2019
    To download the Macquarie University Hearing Strategy 2030, and to read more about our exciting university-wide collaborations and initiatives, visit the Hearing Strategy webpage.
  196. Aussies being ignored by their partners: New research reveals the ...

    7 March, 2019
    New research by Australian Hearing reveals that 2.7 million Aussies believe they are regularly ignored because their partner or parent has a hearing loss.1 And this ‘domestic deafness’ is impacting relationships, especially for married couples and Generation X-ers.
  197. Hearing loss affects relationships in millions of families worldwide

    7 March, 2019
    The State of Hearing Report, conducted for Cochlear, reveals many people know that adults with hearing loss are facing social isolation, declining self-esteem and losing the ability to communicate as their families feel the strain.
  198. Indigenous Hearing Health symposium

    7 March, 2019
    On Tuesday 5 March, to mark World Hearing Day and Hearing Awareness Week, H:EAR | Hearing Education Application Research, Macquarie University and the Australian Hearing Hub hosted an Indigenous Hearing Health symposium.
  199. Too loud?

    7 March, 2019
    Whether you’re playing music, listening to podcasts, or making phone calls, we’re plugging into our devices more every day. Professor David McAlpine talks to 9 NOW A Current Affair about the risks?
  200. Brad’s message – don’t delay your hearing test

    5 March, 2019
    "Hearing impairment can affect anyone at any age. If you have concerns about your hearing, if other people tell you can't hear them, get tested. It's not going to improve on its own – and it's likely to get worse."
  201. 19-year-old Olivia has a message for teens with hearing loss ...

    4 March, 2019
    "It will most likely feel daunting at the beginning, but, at the end of the day, having the implants will improve many parts of your life."
  202. A hearing test can detect these four serious illnesses

    4 March, 2019
    Hearing loss may be an early warning sign of other serious health conditions, says Professor David McAlpine, Macquarie University’s Director of Hearing Research.
  203. How to know if you have undiagnosed hearing loss

    4 March, 2019
    Fatigue, headaches and increased falls - these are just some of the major signs that you may need a hearing test, explains Professor Catherine McMahon, Macquarie University's Director of Audiology.
  204. New Cochlear study to help millions of Chinese children

    4 March, 2019
    New Cochlear study to help millions of Chinese children.
  205. New project helps kids with hearing loss

    4 March, 2019
    Children with hearing loss face challenges learning language, but a new Macquarie University project will explore how to help them more effectively learn to listen and speak.
  206. Cochlear implants: not just for babies

    3 March, 2019
    Seniors are the fastest-growing market for cochlear implants, as research links age-related hearing loss to depression, dementia and social isolation.
  207. WHO launches the hearWHO app for mobile devices to help ...

    1 March, 2019
    Ahead of the annual World Hearing Day (3 March), the World Health Organization (WHO) has launched “hearWHO”, a free application for mobile devices which allows ...
  208. Check your child’s hearing

    28 February, 2019
    The Shepherd Centre’s Hearing Quiz helps parents find out if their child needs to have their hearing checked by a professional.
  209. Is it time for a concerted public health campaign on ...

    18 February, 2019
    Professor David McAlpine and Professor Catherine McMahon radio interview with Hilary Harper on ABC Radio National
  210. New WHO-ITU standard aims to prevent hearing loss among 1.1 ...

    13 February, 2019
    Nearly 50% of people aged 12-35 years - or 1.1 billion young people - are at risk of hearing loss due to prolonged and excessive exposure to loud sounds, including music they listen to through personal audio devices.
  211. Beyond Speech: Towards better communication for children with hearing loss ...

    11 February, 2019
    Congratulations to Distinguished Prof Katherine Demuth and Assoc Prof Mridula Sharma from the Department of Linguistics, on being awarded an ARC Linkage Project of $472,635.
  212. How much damage could we be doing to our hearing ...

    5 February, 2019
    Professor David McAlpine's  interview on ABC National Radio with Rebecca De Unamuno 
  213. Australian Hearing to double scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait ...

    20 December, 2018
    Australian Hearing is set to double the number of its scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people interested in audiology to help attract students to the profession.
  214. HEARsmart film named Official Selection in Overcome Film Festival

    20 December, 2018
    An animated short film produced by HEARsmart, National Acoustic Laboratories and Australian Hearing has been named an Official Selection in the Animation and Poetry category of the 2018 Overcome Film Festival.
  215. Hackathon - Hearing Hub Ideas

    18 December, 2018
    35 people attended the Hearing Hub Ideas - Hackathon and were tasked with exploring solutions to the two challenge involving data.
  216. Help NAL help others

    17 December, 2018
    Watch the NAL research video to find out more about becoming a research participant
  217. National screening program will test Aussie kids for hearing loss ...

    17 December, 2018
    The Federal Government unveiled a $4 million national rollout of Sound Scouts - a tablet-based app that incorporates the science of hearing tests in a fun, interactive game - at Sydney’s Willoughby Public School, which was involved in trials of the app.
  218. RIDBC supports Henry wherever he is

    11 December, 2018
    At just eight years old, bilateral cochlear implant recipient, Henry, has received support from RIDBC across regions, time zones, and even continents.
  219. PhD students researching children with hearing loss take out prizes ...

    4 December, 2018
    Child Language Lab PhD students Julien Millasseau and Rebecca Holt both competed in the Macquarie University rounds of the 3 Minute Thesis Competition
  220. Improving Child Hearing Health in China: Assessing Tone Acquisition by ...

    4 December, 2018
    Child Language Lab researchers awarded the Dr Li Sze Lim mobility scholarship for project ‘Improving Child Hearing Health in China: Assessing Tone Acquisition by Children with Cochlear Implants’
  221. Hearing Hub Ideas Workshop

    3 December, 2018
    15 experts from Macquarie University, National Acoustics Laboratories and The Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children came together to discuss collaborative project ideas in the area of 'neurophysiological measures in hearing'.
  222. NSW outstanding business leader awarded to Dr Jim Hungerford

    30 November, 2018
    CEO of The Shepherd Centre, Dr Jim Hungerford was awarded Outstanding Business Leader in the NSW Business Chamber State Awards. A global leader in early intervention for children with hearing loss, The Shepherd Centre was also a finalist in the Excellence in Business category.
  223. Inaugural Junior Science Academy for deaf and hard-of-hearing children

    16 October, 2018
    Macquarie has teamed up to deliver a special science camp for children who are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH), giving them a chance to experience STEM in a more inclusive and exciting way.
  224. New Faculty Research Centre: The Centre for Scaffolding the Ageing ...

    2 October, 2018
    Dr Celia Harris,Department of Cognitive Science, has recently been successful in applying for funding to lead a Faculty Research Centre for Scaffolding the Ageing Mind. 
  225. Virtual reality experience replicates life as a child with hearing ...

    30 September, 2018
    Leading children’s charity, The Shepherd Centre, is launching a ground-breaking virtual reality (VR) experience that immerses the user in to a world of silence enabling ...
  226. Aided Child Demographics 2017

    20 September, 2018
    In 2017 Australian Hearing supported the hearing rehabilitation needs of 24,544 citizens and permanent residents under 26 years of age. The full report shows the distribution of clients by state/territory of residence at 31 December 2017 and more.
  227. ‘Current Issues in Child Bilingual Development’

    20 September, 2018
    With over 100 delegates, this international event brought together people from a range of disciplines and backgrounds: linguists, psychologists, anthropologists, speech pathologists, educators and parents of bilingual children. It thus allowed for great networking opportunities and the chance to reflect on a range of bilingual acquisition perspectives.
  228. Deaf Awareness Training

    20 September, 2018
    With the kind support of the Cochlear Macquarie University Partnership, the Australian Hearing Hub and Children’s services at Macquarie University, a two-hour Deaf Awareness Training was held on Macquarie University Campus on 4th September. 
  229. Signing or spoken language?

    20 September, 2018
    The parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing can often feel like they need to make a choice whether to pursue spoken language or Australian Sign Language (Auslan) for their child, but as Callie’s family have shown, it doesn’t have to be either or.
  230. Celebrating our community

    20 September, 2018
    Last month The Shepherd Centre hosted two fantastic events, our second Beyond Now Alumni Conference and our first ever Supporter Celebration.
  231. Intrepid MEG Astronauts at Macquarie University

    14 September, 2018
    Using MQ’s worlds-first child-optimised magnetoencephalography (MEG), this ARC funded project have successfully completed the first phase of data collection with eighty-four young children and their families’ visiting the lab to undergo astronaut training (‘MEG’) testing.
  232. Synesthesia: seeing sounds, hearing colours

    13 September, 2018
    In this episode of ABC's "All in the mind" podcast, Cognitive Science's Associate Professor Anina Rich explains the details of synesthesia as the interviewer explores the experiences of Eliza Watt, an 11-year-old girl who was surprised to find out that not everyone sees colourful auras around people, and who feels that numbers have colours and personalities.
  233. Indigenous ear health and phonological awareness

    12 September, 2018
    Distinguished Professor Katherine Demuth and Associate Professor Mridula Sharma recently led a field trip to a remote Indigenous community in the Northern Territory
  234. Hearing Festival of Ideas

    21 August, 2018
    More than 100 researchers and big thinkers from across the University gathered in one room on Friday 10 August to spark ideas and generate global solutions for hearing health care.
  235. Australian Hearing Hub member organisations participated in Macquarie University Open ...

    20 August, 2018
    At the Macquarie University Open Day, Australian Hearing Hub member organisations provided hearing health awareness, hearing screenings, demos and fun!
  236. Minister Blair visits Macquarie University’s Australian Hearing Hub

    25 June, 2018
    NSW Minister for Trade and Industry, Primary Industries and Regional Water, Niall Blair (pictured right) tours the anechoic chamber, located within Macquarie University’s Australian Hearing Hub. 
  237. Adjunct Professor Harvey Dillon, received an award in the Queen's ...

    12 June, 2018
    Harvey Dillon was appointed by Australia’s Governor General as an Officer of Australia (AO) as part of the Queen’s Birthday 2018. The appointment was for “distinguished service to science, and to engineering, as a researcher in the field of hearing loss assessment, electrophysiology, and rehabilitation, and to improved auditory technologies.”
  238. Are headphones damaging young people's hearing?

    7 June, 2018
    Professor David McAlpine, Director of Hearing Research, and Elizabeth Rose, DJ, producer and singer, talk to ABC news about the importance of protecting hearing against loud sounds.
  239. Language development in deaf or hard-of-hearing children with additional disabilities: ...

    7 June, 2018
    Approximately 30-40% of children with hearing loss have one or more additional disabilities. New research underscores the potential benefits of early intervention for these children.
  240. Macquarie University students excel at Audiology Australia National Conference

    5 June, 2018
    Two Macquarie University students received awards at the Audiology Australia National Conference, which was held in Sydney 20-23 May, 2018.
  241. PACE Linguistics Students to Co-author Paper

    5 June, 2018
    The PACE students joined a NAL research group to investigate behavioural and electrophysiological factors relating to speech communication in real-world conditions.
  242. New research shows that Death Metal lyrics are intelligible to ...

    5 June, 2018
    New research published in the June issue of the Journal of Music Perception by Drs Kirk Olsen, Bill Thompson and Iain Giblin shows that Death Metal lyrics are intelligible to certain groups of listeners.
  243. More Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children benefit from ...

    5 June, 2018
    Research recently released by Australian Hearing shows that its long-term collaboration with local communities and service partners, has helped to reduce the age hearing impaired Aboriginal and Torres Strait children receive their first hearing aids.
  244. Hugh is aiming high with his cochlear implant

    4 June, 2018
    When Hugh was born he was diagnosed with both hearing and vision loss, and his parents turned to Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) to access the organisation’s specialist hearing and vision services. Now 21 years old, Hugh is aiming high with his cochlear implant.
  245. Partnership puts new focus on sensory disabilities

    1 June, 2018
    In a first for Macquarie University and Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC), a new partnership has been established to foster research and professional studies in the field of education for people with sensory disabilities.
  246. Vale Dr Bruce D. Shepherd AM

    30 May, 2018
    It is with great sadness that we inform you that The Shepherd Centre’s inspirational founder, Dr Bruce Shepherd AM, passed peacefully on 25 May 2018 at the age of 85.
  247. Where are your digital manners?

    7 May, 2018
    Dr Elizabeth Beach from the National Acoustics Laboratories discussed 'Where are your digital manners?' on Talking Lifestyle radio, broadcast around Australia.
  248. Hearing loss and dementia

    7 May, 2018
    Hearing loss can increase the risk of dementia in later life. This fact sheet prepared by the CCD, the Macquarie University's Australian Hearing Hub, and Dementia Australia tell you what you need to know.
  249. The Centre for Implementation of Hearing Research & Australian Hearing ...

    8 April, 2018
    L-R: Prof Catherine McMahon, Prof Simon Handley, Prof Andrew Smith, Prof David McAlpine, Peter McCarthy To mark World Hearing Day on 3 March 2018, the ...
  250. Cochlear joins global effort to tackle the rising prevalence of ...

    2 March, 2018
    Promoted widely through online and social media channels, the ‘Hearing Matters’ campaign highlights that everyone deserves to hear what the world has to offer.
  251. Cochlear gifts USD 10 million to Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School ...

    1 March, 2018
    The gift will establish the Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health to address hearing loss as a global public health priority
  252. What Plug? A new online tool helps music lovers look ...

    27 February, 2018
    World Hearing Day is all about hearing the future. To ensure your hearing future, check out What plug? and choose the right earplug for your next night out!
  253. Osher Günsberg puts hearing loss front and centre ahead of ...

    27 February, 2018
    Australian television presenter and podcaster Osher Günsberg, best known as the host of the Australian reality TV franchise The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, has signed on as an ambassador for leading children’s charity The Shepherd Centre.
  254. How loud, how long, how often?

    27 February, 2018
    A new study, led by experts at National Acoustic Laboratories within Macquarie University’s Australian Hearing Hub, has revealed how many Australians think they’re damaging their hearing by using personal listening devices (PLDs) like smartphones and MP3 players.
  255. World Hearing Day: Hearing health and literacy

    26 February, 2018
    CCD researcher Professor Katherine Demuth and her collaborators are working with Indigenous children to understand how hearing impacts language and literacy skills.
  256. World Hearing Day: Loud environments impact on many aspects of ...

    26 February, 2018
    Researchers at Macquarie University's Australian Hearing Hub suggest some ways to improve our daily commutes. Start by turning down the volume.
  257. Sound Scouts the hearing check App

    8 February, 2018
    Sound Scouts, the award winning, clinically validated hearing App developed in collaboration with the National Acoustic Laboratories, is an accessible, fun, hearing check solution.
  258. Congratulations!!!

    18 January, 2018
    Catherine McMahon has been promoted to full Professor.
  259. Seminars in Hearing special edition

    11 December, 2017
    Seminars in Hearing special edition, on leisure noise and hearing, guest edited by Dr. Elizabeth Beach, National Acoustic Laboratories and The HEARing Cooperative Research Centre.
  260. Master of Disability Studies Postgraduate study opportunity

    7 December, 2017
    Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) Renwick Centre in affiliation with Macquarie University, offer this postgraduate degree, designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of each individual with a sensory disability.
  261. Beyond Sound: Shepherd Centre graduates shine!

    7 December, 2017
    The Shepherd Centre held its first Beyond Sound conference and feedback has been wonderful!
    The inaugural event brought together Shepherd Centre graduates, parents and professionals from the technology, employment and not-for-profit sectors.
  262. Cochlear introduces the world's first Made for iPhone cochlear implant ...

    7 December, 2017
    Now people living in Australia and New Zealand with severe to profound hearing loss can access the Cochlear Nucleus 7 Sound Processor, the world’s first Made for iPhone cochlear implant sound processor and the smallest and lightest behind-the-ear cochlear implant sound processor available on the market.
  263. Welcome Dr Brent Edwards, Director, NAL

    21 November, 2017
    National Acoustic Laboratories recently welcomed their new Director, Dr Brent Edwards.
  264. How to improve hearing with music therapy

    14 November, 2017
    Music has the power to motivate, move and inspire. From Mozart’s graceful melodies to Bob Marley’s breezy reggae beats, its emotive qualities enhance our health and wellbeing. But can music heal mental and physical suffering or help people with hearing loss listen better?
  265. ARC Discovery Project - Listen and learn

    13 November, 2017
    Professor David McAlpine, has been awarded funding for an ARC Discovery Project “Listen and learn - statistical learning and the adapting auditory brain”
  266. Welcome Associate Professor Adrian KC Lee

    2 November, 2017
    We are very pleased to welcome Associate Professor Adrian KC Lee from the University of Washington, who joins the Macquarie University community as an Honorary Associate Professor.
  267. ARC Laureate Workshop: Creating a Sense of Auditory Space

    31 October, 2017
    Macquarie University's Director of Hearing Research, Professor David McAlpine, hosted an ARC Laureate Workshop titled Creating a Sense of Auditory Space at the Australian Hearing Hub.
  268. Cochlear Chair announced at Macquarie University

    26 October, 2017
    Macquarie University and Cochlear have today announced the establishment of the co-funded Cochlear Chair in Hearing and Healthy Ageing at Macquarie University, a role that will strengthen and formalise the strategic collaboration between the organisations.
  269. 3D Print Facility additive manufacturing

    18 September, 2017
    Macquarie University's flagship 3D Print Facility boasts the capability to manufacture custom designed components for researchers & industry.
  270. Independent review of filtered earplugs to help you find out ...

    14 September, 2017
    HEARsmart have teamed up with Choice to review over 20 different filtered earplugs to help you make a more informed decision.
  271. Bee HEARsmart

    28 August, 2017
    Bee HEARsmart find out more about tinnitus, how you can reduce your risk and manage your symptoms.
  272. Listening Safe project: a WHO initiative

    24 August, 2017
    The World Health Organisation recently published “Hearing loss due to recreational exposure to loud sounds - A review”, produced to support their ‘Make Listening Safe’ initiative.
  273. Aussie start-up using game-based technology to spot child hearing loss ...

    24 August, 2017
    This Hearing Awareness Week, Aussie start-up Sound Scouts and research partner, Macquarie University Centre for the Health Economy, is reminding Australian parents to be hearing-wise – and know what hearing screening options are available for children.
  274. Do you think your child has hearing loss?

    24 August, 2017
    Take The Shepherd Centre's Hearing Quiz today to see if your child needs their hearing checked.
  275. ESSENTIAL gear: A musician's most important instrument is their ears ...

    24 August, 2017
    Noise exposure accounts for 40 per cent of hearing loss in Australia, making it the nation’s leading cause of hearing impairment.
  276. Hearing healthcare - GP education seminar

    23 August, 2017
    To celebrate Hearing Awareness Week, Macquarie University Hospital in collaboration with the Australian Hearing Hub organised a hearing healthcare GP education seminar.
  277. A noisy work life could put your wellbeing in strife: ...

    20 August, 2017
    During Hearing Awareness Week (20-26 August 2017), researcher Associate Professor Catherine McMahon, Head of Audiology at Macquarie University’s Australian Hearing Hub, wants companies and employers to be aware that even a moderately noisy working environment, such as an office, could be impacting their employees’ wellbeing.
  278. ‘Sticky Fingers’ lead guitarist, living with tinnitus, calls on Aussies ...

    20 August, 2017
    This Hearing Awareness Week, Sticky Fingers guitarist, Seamus Coyle, Delta Riggs bassist Michael “Monte” Tramonte, and Elizabeth Rose are speaking out to stress the need for us to do better when it comes to hearing health
  279. Noise and open plan offices

    20 August, 2017
    Associate Professor Catherine McMahon's radio interview with Richard Aedy on RN.

    How noise in shared workplaces can be more than just distracting.
  280. Celebrating Hearing Awareness Week at Macquarie University Open Day

    19 August, 2017
    At the Macquarie University Open Day, Australian Hearing Hub member organisations provided hearing health awareness, hearing screenings, demos and fun!
  281. Hamilton resident describes his new world with a cochlear implant ...

    18 August, 2017
    During Hearing Awareness Week, 20 – 26 August, 2017, RIDBC advises that there is no age limit for a cochlear implant. If you are struggling to hear, even with hearing aids, a cochlear implant may be for you
  282. Yagoona resident thriving with cochlear implant

    17 August, 2017
    During Hearing Awareness Week, 20 – 26 August, 2017, RIDBC advises that there is no age limit for a cochlear implant. If you are struggling to hear, even with hearing aids, a cochlear implant may be for you.
  283. RIDBC welcomes Senior Research Engineer WaiKong Lai

    17 August, 2017
    On Monday July 3, SCIC Cochlear Implant Program welcomed WaiKong Lai to the organisation’s expanding team of professionals.
  284. The Big Aussie Hearing Check

    14 August, 2017
    To celebrate Hearing Awareness Week (20 – 26 August 2017), Australian Hearing is offering thousands of hearing checks around the country. Our hearing checks are free, simple and take less than five minutes
  285. Array of research from the Australian Hearing Hub is showcased ...

    31 July, 2017
    A special issue of the peer-reviewed journal Trends in Hearing, dedicated to Macquarie University’s Australian Hearing Hub (AHH), was published today. The issue showcases an array of collaborative research from the Australian Hearing Hub, adding a wealth of new findings to the fields of hearing and audiology.
  286. Chi Yhun Lo radio interview with 2SER

    18 July, 2017
    PhD candidate Chi Yhun Lo recently held a small graduation ceremony for his music therapy students with hearing loss.
  287. Welcome Professor Anne Schilder

    19 June, 2017
    We are very pleased to welcome Professor Anne Schilder from UCL who joins the Macquarie University community as an Honorary Professor.
  288. Economic clusters: how they work and what they're good for ...

    5 June, 2017
    Listen to Professor David McAlpine talking to Richard Aedy on Radio National
  289. The Age: New study demonstrates link between music and statistical ...

    18 May, 2017
    Dr Pragati Mandikal-Vasuki talks to The Age about her study on the effect of learning music in childhood on auditory and visual skills.
  290. Aged Care Insite: Facts about hearing aids

    8 May, 2017
    Associate Professor Catherine McMahon talks to 'aged care insite' about the importance of hearing aids industry staying in the healthcare arena
  291. Alma’s bravery shows it’s never too late to improve hearing ...

    27 April, 2017
    Alma Hodge, Australian Hearing Clinic, at age 82 (she’s now 89) underwent surgery to receive a cochlear implant.
  292. Encouraging self-expression through art

    20 April, 2017
    People with aphasia are learning new ways of self-expression through visual art, thanks to the support of the Macquarie University Speech and Hearing Clinic.
  293. Life-changing cochlear implants for more Territorians

    30 March, 2017
    Northern Territory Health Minister, Natasha Fyles, visited the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) to witness the moment when seven-month-old Charlie heard sound for the very first time, as his new cochlear implant was switched-on.

    23 March, 2017
    Advance, an Australian Global Networking organisation are proud to partner with Cochlear as an Awards Mentoring Partner.
  295. Relationship between Indigenous Children's Hearing and Phonological Awareness

    16 March, 2017
    On 8 March 2017 a Workshop was held at Macquarie University on the 'Relationship between Indigenous Children's Hearing and Phonological Awareness in Remote Communities in the Northern Territory'
  296. Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO)

    16 March, 2017
    The MidWinter Meeting is the primary meeting of the Association and provides a great opportunity to present and discuss research in the broad field of Otolaryngology.
  297. Associate Professor Catherine Birman wins NSW Premier’s Award for Woman ...

    8 March, 2017
    A/Prof Birman was awarded the 2017 title at a ceremony at Parliament House on Wednesday 8 March to coincide with International Women’s Day.
  298. World Hearing Day: Early intervention drives lifelong success for deaf ...

    2 March, 2017
    The study, completed by First Voice, reveals that around three in five (62%) of those with a hearing impairment who receive early intervention go on to achieve a tertiary level qualification.
  299. World Hearing Day – Action for Hearing Loss

    2 March, 2017
    In support of the World Health Organization’s hearing loss campaign, Professor David McAlpine and Adjunct Professor Cathy Birman from Macquarie University’s Australian Hearing Hub prepared an expert video with Think GP, an online education platform for health professionals.
  300. RIDBC Jim Patrick Audiology Centre will be celebrating the achievement ...

    2 March, 2017
    On World Hearing Day, Friday, March 3, RIDBC Jim Patrick Audiology Centre will be celebrating the achievement of serving over 20,000 clients since its inception in 2002.
  301. Is what you are saying important?

    1 March, 2017
    On a typical day, a GP would meet 6 patients with some type of hearing difficulties.
  302. Cochlear is searching the world for the #HappiestSound

    27 February, 2017
    For some people it’s the sound of a child laughing, for some, it is waves breaking on the beach. Cochlear Limited has launched a campaign to find out what the world’s happiest sound is to raise awareness about the importance of hearing health care and preventing hearing loss.
  303. Cochlear gives Australia a hearing test in disguise

    27 February, 2017
    So how do you get people who don’t think they have a hearing problem to get their hearing tested?
  304. Online training module: The Listening Environment

    6 February, 2017
    Understanding how classroom acoustics can impact on the learning abilities of children with hearing loss is the focus of an online training module recently developed by Macquarie University
  305. The Centre for Implementation in Hearing Research (I-HeaR)

    31 January, 2017
    Associate Professor Catherine McMahon, Department of Linguistics, has been awarded funding to create a new MQ Research Centre.
  306. NAL releases new version of Sound Storm

    30 January, 2017
    A new version of NAL’s auditory training software is now available on the Apple store.
  307. Australian Hearing shares the joy with new ‘Silent Night’ video ...

    19 December, 2016
    Australian Hearing's ambassador Troy Cassar-Daley was joined by a choir of primary students, all with a hearing loss, to create a beautiful rendition of a Christmas classic.
  308. Federal Minister visit to Macquarie’s Hearing Hub and MPID

    29 November, 2016
    The Federal Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Greg Hunt MP and Federal Member for Bennelong John Alexander OAM MP visit the Australian Hearing Hub and the parts of the Macquarie Park Innovation District (MPID).
  309. Cochlear Global Research Symposium brings international experts on campus

    8 November, 2016
    Cochlear and Macquarie showcased technology and hosted demonstrations during the R&T (Research & Technology) Expo, a part of the Cochlear Global Research Symposium.
  310. World-Leading Experts Collaborate in Sydney at Cochlear’s Global Research Symposium ...

    31 October, 2016
    There are 360 million people living with disabling hearing loss worldwide and this figure is set to increase significantly to 1.2 billion by 2050.

    To prepare for the expanding needs of these patients, Cochlear Limited (ASX: COH), together with Macquarie University and the Australian Hearing Hub, is bringing together international experts from the audiology community in a world-leading symposium.

  311. Grant to help infants with hearing loss

    30 October, 2016
    HearWorks, the commercial arm of the HEARing Cooperative Research Centre, recently received a $750,000 grant from the NSW Medical Devices Fund.
  312. A/Prof Harvey Dillon was awarded the prestigious Aram Glorig Award ...

    17 October, 2016
    NAL researchers were recognised at the recent World Congress of Audiology held in Vancouver.

  313. Podcast on Mental Health

    10 October, 2016
    In honour of Mental Health Month in New South Wales, Professor Jennie Hudson, Director of the Macquarie University Centre for Emotional Health, gave tips for adults on how to manage stress
  314. Centre for Emotional Health Awards

    7 October, 2016
    The Centre for Emotional Health was recognised for Excellence in Service Delivery at the NSW Mental Health Matters launch of Mental Health Month held at NSW Parliament House at the end of September.

    8 September, 2016
    Professor David McAlpine's interview with SoundMinds Radio interview with producer Michael Schubert.
  316. Language Acquisition at Macquarie University

    6 September, 2016
    This video highlights research conducted in the area of Language Acquisition at Macquarie University.
  317. Macquarie University's Future Astronauts

    6 September, 2016
    The team at the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD) has come up with a clever idea to keep kids still during tests.
  318. Did you know?

    24 August, 2016
    To celebrate Hearing Awareness Week, the Australian Hearing Hub provided an opportunity for future students of Macquarie University to get their hearing checked, learn about communication technologies and learn about the importance of looking after their hearing at the Macquarie University Open Day on Saturday 20 August.
  319. What is that ringing in my ears after a loud ...

    23 August, 2016
    It’s Hearing Awareness Week, so we asked Associate Professor Catherine McMahon, Head of Audiology at Macquarie, to answer a question we’ve all pondered: What is that ringing in my ears after a loud concert?
  320. Ear buds, hearing loss and dementia on Counterpoint

    22 August, 2016
    Professor David McAlpine and Professor Catherine Birman radio interview with Amanda Vanstone on Radio National.
  321. Are you losing your hearing?

    22 August, 2016
    Four in ten Australians with hearing loss have it because of noise exposure, making it the leading cause of hearing loss in this country.
  322. Did you know?

    22 August, 2016
    "I started losing my hearing at age 11 and was completely deaf by 18. It got to the point where I considered suicide because I was 21, couldn’t get a job, and I'd been fired from a job because I wasn’t hearing.
  323. Ettalong resident thriving with cochlear implant during Hearing Awareness Week ...

    22 August, 2016
    During Hearing Awareness Week, 21 – 27 August, 2016, RIDBC is reminding those who are struggling to hear, even with hearing aids, that they could benefit from a cochlear implant.
  324. 'Break The Sound Barrier' campaign

    20 August, 2016
    Member Organisations of the Australian Hearing Hub at Macquarie University have thrown their support behind a new campaign from The Deafness Forum of Australia which aims to make hearing a national health priority in Australia.
  325. Did you know?

    18 August, 2016
    One in six Aussies currently have some form of hearing loss. Are you the one?
  326. 60 seconds with… Professor Anne Schilder

    9 August, 2016
    Professor Anne Schilder, who hails from the University College London Ear Institute in the UK, has joined us on campus over the past few weeks as a Visiting Professor. We got in touch to ask her about her illustrious career and her thoughts about her visit so far.
  327. Building Confident Kids

    14 July, 2016
    The Shepherd Centre has recently finished its cutting-edge program, Confident Kids in the Classroom, at our Newtown Centre.
  328. Music and the Brain

    14 July, 2016
    TODAY reporter Chris Urquhart discovers exactly how music affects our brain.
  329. A special font for people with Dyslexia: does it work ...

    14 July, 2016
    In a new paper published in the journal Dyslexia, a team of researchers including CCD's Dr Eva Marinus and Dr Teresa Schubert, have examined the efficacy of Dyslexie font for people with dyslexia.
  330. NSW Health partners with RIDBC to establish Bone Conduction Implantable ...

    14 July, 2016
    In June 2016, NSW Minister for Health, the Hon. Jillian Skinner MP announced $1.071 million to establish a Bone Conduction Implantable Device (BCID) pilot program, in partnership with SCIC Cochlear Implant Program, an RIDBC service
  331. Minister announces NDIS roll out across Australia at RIDBC

    2 July, 2016
    On Thursday 30 June Minister for Disability Services, The Honourable John Ajaka MLC, officially announced the launch of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for Western Sydney. Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) hosted the launch of this historic event.

    1 July, 2016
    We are now seeking adults aged 55-75 years to participate in our study.
  333. Former PM John Howard visits the Australian Hearing Hub

    23 May, 2016
    The Honourable John Howard, previous Prime Minister of Australia, delivered a key-note address at the 9th National Deafness Sector Summit on Saturday, which was held at Macquarie University's Australian Hearing Hub.
  334. Professor David McAlpine awarded Australian Laureate Fellowship

    9 May, 2016
    Professor David McAlpine, Macquarie University’s Director of Hearing Research at the Australian Hearing Hub, has been announced as a 2016 Australian Laureate Fellow by the Australian Research Council (ARC).

  335. Know Your Noise

    28 April, 2016
    Almost 18 months ago the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) launched the Know Your Noise website ( with the support of the HEARing CRC’s HEARsmart, a new initiative which aims to bring about a cultural shift in how Australians think about their exposure to loud noise.
  336. Connecting through music

    7 April, 2016
    The Shepherd Centre recently finished its music therapy program, MusicConnect, and is delighted that parents and children enjoyed the chance to connect and have fun through music.
  337. CCD High School Work Experience program

    6 April, 2016
    Last week (29 March - 1 April) the CCD hosted a group of students as part of the CCD's annual High School Work Experience program.
  338. Music to mend memories in the minds of dementia patients ...

    4 April, 2016
    Two Macquarie researchers, Professor Bill Thompson and Dr Amee Baird have begun looking at how music can help people with dementia by comparing how personal memories are evoked with music and other stimuli.
  339. Teaching the elderly how to fight off the blues by ...

    4 April, 2016
    A study by Macquarie University researchers has found that being involved in a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) group program, aptly named Ageing Wisely, can help elderly people fight off depression and anxiety.
  340. Macquarie Online Test Interface (MOTIf)

    4 April, 2016
    Macquarie Online Test Interface (MOTIf) is a free online resource avaialble to teachers, clinicians and speech pathologists for the administration and scoring of cognitive tests developed by Cognitive Science researchers at Macquarie University.
  341. Pragati Mandikal Vasuki PhD student selfie with The Hon Julie ...

    31 March, 2016
    Pragati Mandikal Vasuki's selfie with the Minister for Foreign Affairs captured media attention and was featured in the Australian.
  342. Renowned surgeon celebrates 1000 cochlear implant surgeries

    24 March, 2016
    Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) celebrated a significant milestone this month when Associate Professor Catherine Birman, Medical Director of SCIC Cochlear Implant Program, performed her 1,000th cochlear implant surgery.
  343. WHO cares about hearing health and why we should all… ...

    3 March, 2016
    With a quarter of Australians set to face serious problems from hearing loss, it’s time for a new awareness campaign…
  344. Pioneering Minds podcast series

    2 March, 2016
    Episode 5: David McAlpine and Hearing
  345. The MindSpot Clinic offers a new model of mental health ...

    10 February, 2016
    The MindSpot Clinic offers a new model of mental health care services in Australia is providing no cost, exclusively virtual assessments and treatments.
  346. Risks posed to our hearing

    3 February, 2016
    Alan Jones talks to Professor David McAlpine about the risks posed to our hearing.
  347. Loud sound is a health hazard

    17 January, 2016
    David McAlpine, Professor of Hearing, Language & The Brain and the leader of Macquarie University’s Australian Hearing Hub has written a piece for The Australian that was published on Thursday 14 January 2016 about the potential of permanent hearing loss over this music festival season.
  348. Kids’ hearing difficulties are reflected in their brainwaves

    10 January, 2016
    The researchers found that the presence of noise affects the brainwaves of all children, and so is a relevant factor to consider when thinking about ...
  349. Postdoctoral Researcher in Magnetoencephalography

    14 December, 2015
    An exciting opportunity exists for a postdoctoral researcher to develop and use the magnetoencephalographic (MEG) system to investigate brain responses in adults and children with a unilateral cochlear implant (MEG III).
  350. The MindSpot Clinic recognised for service excellence in the 'Not ...

    9 October, 2015
    The 2015 Queensland Mental Health Week Achievement Awards are an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the achievement of those individuals, groups, organisations and businesses.
  351. Mental Health Matters Awards 2015

    6 October, 2015
    The MindSpot Clinic receives recognition for Excellence in Service Delivery in NSW.
  352. Testing hearing is child's play

    21 September, 2015
    October will see the launch of a fun new children’s game with the more serious purpose of testing their hearing.
  353. An inspirational addition

    17 September, 2015
    Professor David McAlpine has been announced as the new Professor of Hearing, Language and the Brain and Director of Hearing Research and will join Macquarie University from early October.
  354. Successful Open House at the Australian Hearing Hub

    3 September, 2015
    To celebrate Hearing Awareness Week, the member organisations of the Australian Hearing Hub (AHH) hosted an open house event on Saturday August 22. The event was opened by distinguished guest Senator the Hon. Marise Payne.
  355. Research funding boost sets the stage for live music venues ...

    3 March, 2015
      In support of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO), International Ear Care Day, 3 March 2015, ‘Make Listening Safe’ Campaign, aimed at drawing attention to ...
  356. Victor Dominello MP visits the Australian Hearing Hub

    12 February, 2015
      On Thursday, 5 February the Australian Hearing Hub played host to The Hon. Victor Dominello MP, Member for Ryde, Minister for Citizenship and Communities, ...
  357. Senator Doug Cameron, the Shadow Minister for Human Services and ...

    30 January, 2015
    On Friday, 30 January the Australian Hearing Hub played host to New South Wales Senator Doug Cameron, the Shadow Minister for Human Services and Nick ...
  358. Kids' hearing at the heart of new partnership

    18 January, 2015
    A new partnership between the Australian Hearing Hub at Macquarie University and the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network will help provide better hearing outcomes for children. ...
  359. 1.1 million Australians are living with communication disorders

    16 October, 2014
    Imagine struggling to communicate with your colleagues and friends, or do something as simple (and vital!) as ordering coffee at AHH’s Piccolo Me. This is ...
  360. The new Macquarie University Cognition Clinic for Reading

    16 October, 2014
    In late September, the Macquarie University Cognition Clinic for Reading opened its doors for business for the first time. The Clinic provides evidence-based assessments, treatments, ...
  361. Australian Hearing Hub Open House

    8 September, 2014
    Left to right: Professor Janet Greeley, Hon. Jillian Skinner MP, Professor Harvey Dillon and Professor Greg Leigh To celebrate Hearing Awareness Week, the partner organisations ...
  362. Hearing and the Brain: Translating research into practice

    15 May, 2014
    Following the World Congress of Audiology, Macquarie University and the Australian Hearing Hub hosted a satellite symposium on Friday 9 May 2014.  The symposium focused ...
  363. Challenge Workshop – Planning a Hearing Research Agenda

    9 April, 2014
    One year on from the official launch of the Australian Hearing Hub on 17 April 2013 the hub continues to bring together some of the ...
  364. Emerson set to make a splash at school, thanks to ...

    6 February, 2014
    Emerson Reweti has been attending The Shepherd Centre for over four years, and celebrated his Graduation in December. Now, he’s reaching a whole new milestone ...
  365. The Shepherd Centre helps Grace hear Christmas Carols

    6 February, 2014
    The Shepherd Centre was delighted when little Grace Claridge appeared on Sunrise recently to show off her brand new cochlear implants! Grace received her CI’s ...
  366. Hearing China’s language acquisition concerns

    13 January, 2014
    With over 30 million Chinese children suffering from hearing and language disorders, Australian researchers hosted two in-country workshops to address the issue of hearing impairment ...
  367. World-first device offers new insight into life with a cochlear ...

    29 October, 2013
    A new imaging device was launched on Macquarie University’s campus today, helping researchers in the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD) ...
  368. Hearing Awareness and Speech Awareness Mini Expo on 27 August ...

    25 October, 2013
      Thank you to everyone who participated at the inaugural Hearing Awareness and Speech Awareness Mini Expo. The mini expo was very successful in raising ...
  369. Prime Minister visits to announce new Medical Technologies Innovation Partnership ...

    21 August, 2013
    On Monday, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced the first new Australian Innovation Partnership – the Medical Technologies Innovation Partnership – which will be headquartered in ...
  370. New technology safeguards Australian research against helium shortages

    11 July, 2013
    Photo: Effy Alexakis, Photowrite. Macquarie University ‘flicked the switch’ on a state-of-the-art liquid helium recovery system yesterday, in partnership with the CSIRO and as an ...
  371. HEARLab

    6 May, 2013
    HEARlab is a versatile clinical device developed by the HEARing CRC and the National Acoustics Laboratory (NAL) to record and analyse electrophysiological data in the ...
  372. HEARnet

    6 May, 2013
    The HEARing Education and Research Network (HEARnet) provides information about hearing, hearing loss and hearing technology for the public, hearing healthcare and medical professionals, and ...
  373. Australian Hearing Hub launched at Macquarie University

    18 April, 2013
      The Federal Government estimates that ten million Australians will suffer some level of hearing loss by 2050. With approximately one quarter of the population ...
  374. ABC Sunday Profile: Macquarie University's former VC Steven Schwartz

    4 February, 2013
    Former Macquarie University Vice -Chancellor Steven Schwartz discusses wisdom, education, and the the synergies and cross-fertilisation of ideas that will be made possible by the ...
  375. Cochlear's Roberts discusses long road back

    4 February, 2013
    Cochlear’s chief Chris Roberts appears on Lateline to discuss the hearing implant maker’s recovery since a voluntary recall last September and his plans as part ...
  376. Audiology research story

    9 January, 2013
      This is an audiology research story conducted by The Macquarie University Speech Clinic, Research Team. The three researchers were looking for participants aged 65-80 ...