PHD Student Opportunities

Macquarie University PhD and research degrees

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National Eye and Hearing Health Survey – PhD opportunity

We are currently recruiting a full-time candidate to complete a PhD under the direct supervision of Professor Bamini Gopinath, the current Cochlear Chair in Hearing and Health at Macquarie University Hearing. The successful candidate will be hosted at the Australian Hearing Hub, Macquarie University. They will have the opportunity to work with leading researchers and clinicians in the field of sensory loss and public health.
Please visit National Eye and Hearing Health Survey – PhD advert for more information.

PhD Scholarships – Development of a reliable objective measure of tinnitus

Two PhD positions available to develop diagnostic tools for tinnitus
– One PhD position would suit a student with a background in neuroscience and/or audiology and will be focused on recording neural responses from human participants with and without tinnitus, and to secure data from existing, published data sets.
– The second PhD position would suit a student with expertise or interests in applying machine-learning techniques to develop explainable models of tinnitus from neural recordings made from tinnitus patients.
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