Hearing Impairment in Adults: A Longitudinal Outcomes Study (HALOS)

HALOS aims to build a population-based hearing impairment database from adults with hearing loss who use cochlear implants or hearing aids. Findings from this study will be used to:
1) evaluate the impacts of treating hearing loss on health (QoL, cognition, depression/mood, functional status etc.), relationships, education, and work/employment outcomes;
2) examine differences in patterns/trajectories of long-term outcomes within and between groups of hearing device users;
3) determine the impact from the timing of intervention and the effectiveness of earlier intervention on outcomes; and
4) evaluate the cost-effectiveness of early intervention/rehabilitation for hearing loss.

HALOS is jointly supported by Macquarie University and Cochlear Ltd. The researchers will also be collaborating with a number of hearing service providers who will be assisting with participant recruitment including Audika, Connect Hearing and Australian Hearing Hub members – Hearing Australia, NextSense, and MQ Health Speech and Hearing Clinic.