Participate in research: Do you wear hearing aids?

Anechoic Chamber

Get your hearing tested!

  • Are you aged between 18-70 years?
  • Do you have difficulty listening to speech in the presence of noise?
  • Do you wear hearing aids?
  • Participate in our experiment!

Receive $20 vouchers for each session of participation.

We would like to invite you to our study investigating the efficacy of auditory training. You will be asked to undergo a few hearing and cognitive tests after which you will be enrolled in a “Training program” for 4 weeks.  Brain responses will be measured before and after the training sessions.

The tasks are completely harmless and non-invasive.


  Participants must have “English” as their native language and may have one of the following:

1)    Participants who are diagnosed with hearing loss and have already been fitted with hearing aids.

Listening in noise is something that occurs on a daily basis. However, individuals face difficulties in listening in such scenarios even in the absence of a hearing loss. We are trying to understand the cognitive, linguistic, and auditory factors that lie beneath the ability to perform well in noise.

Contact: Shivali Appaiah
Phone: (02) 9850 1472
Address: Macquarie University, Speech and Hearing Clinic, Australian Hearing Hub, 16 Macquarie Avenue, Macquarie University, NSW 2109