NAL is seeking adults that experience difficulties in speech and noise

The aim of this study is to evaluate Apple Airpods Proas a potential intervention measure for individuals with normal or near-normal hearing but with hearing difficulties in noisy environments. 

This study will involve one in-person appointment at the Australian Hearing Hub, as well as a four-week period of real life device testing and the completion of online questionnaires post trial.

The in-person appointment will go for 3 hours and consist of an audiological assessment, device fitting, speech-in-noise test and app download and setup. This will occur in early to mid November.

NAL are seeking adult participants with:

  1. Between ages of 18-70 years old
  2. Difficulties hearing speech in noise
  3. Normal or near-normal hearing
  4. Proficient English speaker
  5. iPhone users

Participants will receive $200 after completing all stages of the study.

If you are interested in participating in this study, please email Raaya Tiko at

You will be asked to complete a survey to assess your speech in noise hearing difficulties to determine your candidacy for this study.