Would you like to volunteer for research and get paid?

We are looking for listeners with bilateral cochlear implants OR a cochlear implant with hearing aid aged between 18 to 80.

You will need to attend up to four appointments of approximately 2 hours each.

Involves a series of simple tasks that include repeating sentences heard or answering simple questions in a variety of different listening situations.

You will receive $25 cash for each appointment in appreciation of your participation.

Where: Australian Hearing Hub, 16 University Ave, Macquarie University.

Important note just for Cochlear + Hearing Aid users: Please note that if you wear a hearing aid with a cochlear implant, to be consistent across all participants, we will use a “loan” hearing aid with a similar setting as yours for the duration of the study. Just to make sure that the loan hearing aid works as well as yours, we will request that you wear the hearing aid for one week before the experiments commence. It is possible that the hearing aid feels different therefore you may need to come in again.


Please contact Dr. Baljeet Rana (baljeet.rana@mq.edu.au) or Shivali (shivali.appaiah-konganda@students.mq.edu.au) for further information.