Participate in Research

Introducing HEARsearch

We have exciting news to share! NAL is opening the doors to research participation. We invite anyone to join, yes that’s right, all ages and hearing abilities from anywhere in the world! Register here  Register here

HALOS is looking for volunteers to participate in the survey who are:

aged 40 years +, wear a hearing device (hearing aid or cochlear implant) in at least one ear, sufficient in English to complete the survey and are able to give informed consent.
Eligible volunteers will complete an online or paper-based survey on health and social outcomes which will take 60 minutes to complete and a 15 minute online cognitive assessment which involves some thinking tasks. An optional interview to discuss your hearing health journey will take 20-30 minutes and can be completed over the phone.
You will be reimbursed a $30 Coles-Myer gift card at the end of the study.
Contact: / 0481 863 983

ECHO at Macquarie University is seeking participants for a study with Dolby

We are recruiting 18 – 45 years old with normal hearing, English speaking / IELT 6.5+
You will attend a session for 1 hr and 30min at Australian Hearing Hub, MQ
You will receive $30 for participating

Design your own reading buddy robot

Social Brain in Action (SoBA) Lab at Macquarie University is running a Kids Robot research program. We are seeking children aged 5-9 years to participate in our robot research at Macquarie University. Your child will receive $20 for their time and have a fun science experience. For more info and to book a session contact

Macquarie University’s Child Language Lab

Macquarie University’s Child Language Lab is currently seeking children aged 4-6 who speak English as their main language at home to participate in a research study. To participate, or for more information, please email us at

Participate in research with the Centre for Emotional Health

Research Trials at the Centre for Emotional Health Clinic – children and teens

Research Trials at the Centre for Emotional Health Clinic – adults