Research Priorities

One in four Australians could have hearing loss by 2050. That’s why professionals at the Australian Hearing Hub are working together to positively impact people with hearing loss, their families and the community.

An initiative of Macquarie University, the Australian Hearing Hub brings some of the country’s best hearing and healthcare organisations together with one of the country’s leading research universities to collaborate on world-leading research projects. It unites researchers, educators, clinicians and innovators with expertise in linguistics, audiology, speech pathology, cognitive and language sciences, psychology, nanofabrication and engineering sciences.

The Australian Hearing Hub has identified three broad areas:

  1. Understand the effects of hearing loss and its remediation on spoken language processing, cognitive functions; and the broader social, educational / occupational, and psychological challenges that individuals with hearing loss and their family face across their lifespan.
  2. Quantify the burden of hearing loss and cost-utility of interventions and alternative service delivery models and solutions for different populations.
  3. Translate research outcomes into practice transforming the ways that hearing loss is prevented and treated. The Australian Hearing Hub will strive to bring research outcomes to users and to investigate barriers that prevent take-up of new knowledge.

The Australian Hearing Hub has identified six research themes: