Technological and environmental solutions for people with hearing loss

Rapid advances in technology open up multiple opportunities for data streaming and data collection. This can be exploited and integrated into existing hearing device technologies. In addition, changes to the environment can minimise the impact of a hearing loss, to reduce its disabling effects on the individual and their communication partners.

  • Investigate the utility of various sources of collected data to inform better customisation of devices; exploit existing amplification solutions and better integrate this with hearing device technology.
  • Devise outcome measures that reflect real-life performance.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of alternative models of service delivery, e.g. tele-audiology methods and self-fitting devices.
  • Improve connection between devices and the auditory nervous system – clever biology, improved stimulation strategies.
  • Identify the effects of optimising the acoustic and social environment on the perceptions of hearing disability on the individual with hearing loss and their communication partners.