Participate in Research

Speech-in-noise difficulties with a normal or ‘near-normal’ audiogram? Participate in our research

A team of the National Acoustic Laboratories is now collecting data on the experiences of people with normal hearing or mild hearing loss who have greater-than-normal difficulty understanding speech in noise, as well as the clinicians who see these clients.

Please join us for an innovative research aiming at MEG (MagnetoEncephaloGram) scan for cochlear implant users

If you are 18-60 years old, have normal hearing, no fixed piercing around the head area, no metal dental crowns,
do not have neurological condition or is taking medications for a neurological or mental health condition and
Feel comfortable lying side wise on a bed please sign up.

National Acoustic Laboratories – become a research volunteer

If you are over 18 years of age and can spare a few hours of your time you can help. NAL research participants take hearing tests, attend focus groups, complete surveys, trial new hearing technology and much more…

Child Language Lab – participate in research

Advance child language development for children everywhere.

Participate in CCD Research

We need people of all ages to take part in important research projects and help contribute to better diagnosis and treatment of a range of cognitive disorders.

Participate in research with the Centre for Emotional Health

Research Trials at the Centre for Emotional Health Clinic – children and teens

Research Trials at the Centre for Emotional Health Clinic – adults