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The Role of Music in Your Family: Online Survey

Do you have a child aged 2-5yrs yet to start primary school?

Call for participants: Auditory processing and reading skills will be tested

We are trying to explain how children aged 8 to 11 years learn to read. Their Auditory processing and reading skills will be tested.
You will be paid $80 for 5 hours of your time.

Help us understand how bilingual children develop language processing and learning skills 急需9-11岁双语惯用右手的小孩帮忙做语言实验

We are seeking Mandarin speaking 9-11-year-olds, who have lived in Australia for more than 1 year, and are right handed. Participants will receive reimbursement of $50 in Coles/Myer vouchers”

Which factors cause emotional health problems in children who have hearing loss?

To help answer this question, we require children with hearing loss aged between 3 and 12 years and their parent to complete a 30 minute online survey. Participation gives you the chance to win an iPad mini, valued at approximately $369


We are now seeking adults aged 55-75 years:
• who are Australian English speakers AND
• do not use hearing aids, with
• normal hearing abilities OR
• hearing difficulties

National Acoustic Laboratories – become a research volunteer

Sign up to be on our list of valued volunteers helping to improve the lives of the hearing impaired, receive a free hearing test, and we will contact you when an experiment suited to you arises.

Participate in CCD Research

We need people of all ages to take part in important research projects and help contribute to better diagnosis and treatment of a range of cognitive disorders.

Participate in research with the Centre for Emotional Health

Research Trials at the Centre for Emotional Health Clinic – children and teens

Research Trials at the Centre for Emotional Health Clinic – adults