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MQ Health Speech and Hearing Clinic

Evidence-based audiology and speech pathology services.


Ground Floor, 16 University Ave, Macquarie University, NSW 2109


+61 (2) 9850 2900



The MQ Health Speech and Hearing Clinic is part of Macquarie University. The clinic is located on the North Ryde campus and provides a quality clinical service to the community, as well as clinical education for students of the Master of Speech Language Pathology & Master of Clinical Audiology programs. We are aligned with the Department of Linguistics.

The clinic delivers a comprehensive range of diagnostic and rehabilitative speech pathology and audiology services for people of all ages. We are independent and aim to deliver services in a client-centred way, with a focus on collaborative goal-setting involving the individual client, their families and carers. The clinic’s services are directed towards maximising an individual’s ability to participate in everyday home, school, work and social activities.

We can assist with maximising participation for individuals with hearing and communication disorders through an excellent, evidence-based clinical service whilst providing the highest quality clinical education for our students of the Master of Speech Language Pathology & Master of Clinical Audiology programs within our clinic.

The clinic also provides detailed assessments preschool-age children’s communication abilities. Our experienced Speech Pathologists, Audiologists and competitively-selected postgraduate students deliver evidence-based assessment, management and treatment for the full range of communication difficulties that pre-school age children may experience.

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