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Student Wellbeing

Our support centres are here to help you succeed at Macquarie.


Ground Floor, 16 University Ave, Macquarie University, NSW 2109


There is a whole network of student support services across Macquarie University that relate to personal wellbeing, academic success and professional development.  It’s part of the MQ commitment to student success.

Student Wellbeing – Counselling & Psychological Services

Located on the Ground Floor of the Australian Hearing Hub, Student Wellbeing provides a range of services to improve student wellbeing and help them reach their potential during studies. Our services are provided in individual, group or online formats.

Our services are available to all currently enrolled Macquarie University students and include:

  • short-term solution focused counselling
  • cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • mindfulness
  • short to medium term psychotherapy
  • referral to specialist services outside of Macquarie University
  • on the day appointments are available Monday to Friday during business hours for urgent or immediate support. These triage appointments can be completed in person or over the phone.

Students can contact us via the CARE MQ form  to access our counselling and psychological support. You can also call 1800 2273 67 (CARE MQ) for after hours support.

Student Wellbeing – Accessibility

This service is dedicated to providing students with a disability, health condition and/or carers of people with a disability with appropriate assistance, support and services to access the university.

The Accessibility Team is located on the Ground Floor of the Australian Hearing Hub, within Student Wellbeing.

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