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2023 Beyond Speech Workshop

The Beyond Speech Workshop 2023  theme was Exploring cultural and linguistic diversity in children with hearing loss.

The workshop reached 400 researchers, clinicians and teachers of the deaf was treated to a fascinating program of talks from local and international presenters. Kate Crowe (University of Iceland) and Mark Guiberson (University of Wyoming) provided the opening keynote on Deaf multilingual language learners and Mridula Sharma (Macquarie University) spoke on ear health, dichotic listening and phonological awareness skills in children from the Northern Territory. Other presentations examined speech and language development in children with hearing loss acquiring diverse languages – English, Auslan, Mandarin, and French – and a panel discussion explored current clinical approaches for culturally safe assessment and intervention for linguistically diverse families. 

Keynote Presentation – Deaf multilingual learners: What does the research evidence tell us?

Kathryn Crowe, University of Iceland  Mark Guiberson, University of Wyoming

Examining Language Development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children: Insights for the Hearing Assessment Program – Early Ears (HAPEE)

Traci Flynn, Hearing Australia

Panel Discussion: Promoting culturally competent practices in professional practice

Katherine Phelan, NextSense
Simone Punch, Hearing Australia
Stephanie Ingram, The Shepherd Centre
Trudy Smith, NextSense

Mandarin-speaking preschoolers with CIs can use prosodic cues to contrast compounds from lists

Feng Xu, Macquarie University

Speech accuracy and intelligibility of bilingual children with cochlear implants

Pauline van der Straten Waillet, Université  Libre de Bruxelles

The workshop was sponsored by Macquarie University’s Child Language Lab and Centre for Language Sciences, and the Australian Hearing Hub.

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