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STORM project team (L-R): Ann-maree Grech, Project Co-ordinator, Aboriginal Children's Hearing Program, Professor Catherine McMahon, CI, Aboriginal Children's Hearing Program, Dr Donna Murray, CEO, Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA), Amanda Wingett, Lecturer in Indigenous Health, The Australian National University, Luke Halvorsen, Research Fellow, Aboriginal Children's Hearing Health Program

STORM: Systematically, Together, Overcoming Racism Model

Systemic racism significantly affects the health and well-being of priority populations including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Therefore system and structural levers must be identified along with institutions and organisations who can lead transformational social and political change. 

Professional bodies are well positioned to develop shared professional values and shift professional behaviour through mandating clinical competencies through education and continuing professional development. Therefore, in this study we will; (ii) map the role and responsibilities of and opportunities for professional bodies in ear and hearing care to establish and lead an anti-racism agenda; (ii) co-design an evidence-based and credible framework (Systematically, Together Overcoming Racism Model, STORM), strategies, and tools that enable and empower professional bodies across ear and hearing health to eradicate racism from the sector, and (iii) co-design an implementation framework drawing from expertise and experiences from organisations who have reported impactful change to implemented anti-racism strategies. Working with seven professional bodies / organisations across the ear and hearing care sector to develop and implement a uniform approach will maximise impact and outcomes

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