Deaf Awareness Training

With the support of the Australian Hearing Hub, the Deaf Society is running a Deaf Awareness Training (DAT) course

Deaf Society logo Event: Deaf Awareness Training
Date: Monday 21 September 2020
Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Location: A Zoom link will be forward to registered attendees 24 hours before the event.
Registration:  Spaces are limited, please email to secure a spot.
This event is only open to AHH member staff and students

Program overview: 

  • Learn how to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing people in culturally appropriate ways, using their preferred visual communication style.
  • Demonstrate culturally appropriate ways of interacting (inc. eye contact, turn taking, gaining attention).
  • Begin learning and building a visual vocabulary related to daily life.
  • Engage in simple exchanges in Auslan or other visual communication means, including giving and following simple instructions.

Some of the areas covered in this training:

  • What are the differences between deaf and hard of hearing people?
  • What are the different communication methods used by deaf people?
  • What is Auslan (Australian Sign Language)?