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John Howard and David McAlpine

Former PM John Howard visits the Australian Hearing Hub

John Howard and David McAlpine
The Honourable John Howard OM AC, former Prime Minister of Australia, with Professor David McAlpine, Macquarie University

The Honourable John Howard, previous Prime Minister of Australia, delivered a key-note address at the 9th National Deafness Sector Summit on Saturday 7 May, which was held at Macquarie University’s Australian Hearing Hub.

A long-time advocate of hearing health and research, Mr Howard has worn hearing aids for must of his life, after developing a hearing impairment in his childhood. Delivering the prestigious Libby Harricks Memorial Oration, held every year at the Summit, Mr Howard’s presentation aimed to raise awareness about hearing loss and deafness in light of his own experience with hearing impairment throughtout his professional career.


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