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Does love last

Cochlear gives Australia a hearing test in disguise

Does love last

So how do you get people who don’t think they have a hearing problem to get their hearing tested? Solution – create an innovative and engaging film that is really a hearing test in disguise.


‘Does Love Last Forever’ a new short film created by ad agency CHE Proximity, in collaboration with Cochlear Limited, the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, was shown to unsuspecting cinema goers. They thought they were about to see the movie ‘Lion’ but were treated to an extra film.


What they didn’t suspect was that ‘Does Love Last Forever’ is actually a hearing test in disguise. A film unlike anything seen (or heard) before; a simple love story told over four decades. As the years go on however, the film diverges, which is when for those that hear well, it would appear the couple’s relationship has remained resilient and fun throughout.  For those hard of hearing; the couple appear to have a very different ending. Thus, leaving viewers with the question, ‘does love last forever?’


The film uses deliberate editing and camera angles to challenge those who rely on lip reading to interpret conversation. Ambient sounds are also progressively introduced to mimic real world situations and environments and work to drown out the voice frequencies. Ultimately, body language becomes the key prop that those with a hearing impairment begin to rely on and this has been directed to reinforce a tale of unhappiness and disconnection.


Cochlear recognises that one of the biggest challenges with people experiencing hearing loss is that many are in denial about the fact. Studies have shown that of the 3.5 million Australians living with hearing loss, nearly 85% of this figure have done nothing about getting treatment*.


“We know how many precious things are lost for those people living with hearing loss,” says Shaun Hand, General Manager Australia and New Zealand, Cochlear. “People lose their connection to loved ones, friendships, their career, hobbies and self-esteem. By creating something unique like the hearing test in disguise, we’re hoping to get Australians talking and taking action on hearing loss, and to share the film with people they love.”


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Please seek advice from your medical practitioner about treatments for hearing loss.

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