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RIDBC welcomes Senior Research Engineer WaiKong Lai

On Monday July 3, SCIC Cochlear Implant Program welcomed WaiKong Lai to the organisation’s expanding team of professionals.

SCIC Cochlear Implant Program, a service of RIDBC, prides itself on innovative research and is one of the largest and most advanced services of its kind worldwide.

Joining the organisation as a Senior Research Engineer, WaiKong has been involved in an array of deafness and cochlear implant research studies, holding a Bachelor degree in Engineering, a Masters of Engineering Science and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering.

WaiKong’s extensive experience stems from his previous roles in research and engineering at the CSIRO department of Applied Physics, Monash University, University of Melbourne and Zurich University Hospital.

“I was involved in the development of the NRT Nucleus Response Telemetry system and software which is now used routinely on a clinical basis for cochlear implant fitting and management,” said WaiKong.

“Some of my other work includes the research and development of novel bio-inspired signal coding strategies, as well as the development and management of the Swiss Cochlear Implant database.”

WaiKong has many years of experience providing routine clinical support for cochlear implant patients and such roles have equipped him with knowledge that SCIC Cochlear Implant Program hope to draw from as they continue to revolutionize deafness research.

WaiKong will be working closely with all staff providing services across the program, with particularly strong linkages to the Biomedical and research programs.

SCIC Cochlear Implant Program supports clients to access a range of implantable hearing devices according to their needs. The program provides a seamless, end-to-end suite of services, from early intervention and education; through to specialist assessment; surgical liaison and support; and rehabilitation services, delivering the highest level of care and support to people of all ages.

With 18 sites across Australia, RIDBC enables you to access services from any one of our centres. For those in regional and remote locations, our advanced videoconferencing and device mapping technology enables us to deliver services directly into your home, no matter where you live.

For more information about cochlear implants and the support services available, visit or call 1300 658 981.

RIDBC is a charity and Australia’s largest non-government provider of therapy, education and cochlear implant services for people with vision or hearing loss, supporting thousands of adults, children and their families, each year.

RIDBC relies heavily on fundraising and community support to be able to continue to make a difference in people’s lives.

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