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David McAlpine

ARC Discovery Project – Listen and learn

Professor David McAlpine, has been awarded funding for an ARC Discovery Project “Listen and learn – statistical learning and the adapting auditory brain

Project Team: Dr Nicholas Badcock; Dr Paul Sowman; Dr Maria Chait; Associate Professor Juanita Todd; Dr Jessica Monaghan; Dr Jaime Undurraga; Dr Nicol Harper

This project aims to explore the link between rapid neural adaptation – a form of learning referred to as statistical learning – and human listening performance in noisy environments. The project aims to generate a new understanding of mechanisms that contribute to listeners’ abilities to understand speech in noise, and to complex communication disorders such as dyslexia. Expected outcomes will include increased capacity to investigate a broad range of cognitive and communication functions. Benefits will include potential technologies and algorithms to assist listening (in devices such as hearing aids), language development and reading.

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