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Brent Edwards

Welcome Dr Brent Edwards, Director, NAL

Brent Edwards

National Acoustic Laboratories recently welcomed their new Director, Dr Brent Edwards.

Brent has a distinguished international reputation in the hearing industry, having spent 22 years in Silicon Valley heading research and innovation development at major hearing aid companies and hearing device startups. He has made presentations at over 100 conferences, is an inventor on over 25 patents, and has published extensively in professional and trade publications on technology and market trends. He founded the Starkey Hearing Research Center, which is currently a leading site for research in hearing impairment, and his research into the effect of hearing technology on cognition created an international growth of research in this area.

He is an elected Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America and his graduate education is in electrical engineering and psychology.

Brent is bringing a strong innovation focus to NAL, with a particular emphasis on developing practical solutions for real-world technology gaps, whilst still maintaining NAL’s core role of providing scientific research for the public good.

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