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Sound scouts

Sound Scouts the hearing check App

The first year of school is exhausting so imagine a child with a hearing loss who has to concentrate twice as hard as everyone else. It’s not hard to imagine them giving up and naturally becoming disruptive as they’re unable to engage with the classroom activities. This disruptive behaviour is often associated with ADHD and can lead to a child being wrongly diagnosed. A simple hearing check is the best solution and Sound Scouts, the award winning, clinically validated hearing App developed in collaboration with the National Acoustic Laboratories, is an accessible and fun solution.


In February Sound Scouts are set to release a new version of the App which will offer a shorter version of the test in addition to the existing game. The new option will enable immediate retesting and will suit both younger and older children. Hearing is critical for learning and 10minutes spent checking that a child’s hearing is AOK is time well spent!

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