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What Plug? A new online tool helps music lovers look after their hearing health

Reviews of more than 20 high-fidelity earplugs have been compiled into an interactive website, making it easier for people to enjoy their night out without dreading the morning after.

Developed by the HEARing Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) and its member, the National Acoustic Laboratories in partnership with Choice, What Plug? features reviews of more than 20 different commercially available, high-fidelity earplugs. Noise-reduction properties of each earplug type are listed, together with a comprehensive range of other features important to wearers: comfort, sound quality, ease of use and price. Each earplug review is based on rigorous scientific testing in the lab and the experiences of actual users in real music venues. With research showing around 15 per cent [i] of young Australians are at risk of hearing damage from nightclubs and live music, knowing how to protect your hearing at your next gig is more important than ever.

For the full range of products and ratings, check out What Plug? online:

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