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Australian Hearing Hub member organisations participated in Macquarie University Open Day

Hearing Aid demonstration

At the Macquarie University Open Day, Australian Hearing Hub member organisations provided hearing health awareness, hearing screenings, demos and fun!

Over 60 people attended the Australian Hearing Hub  tours which included the Anechoic Chamber, MQ Health Speech and Hearing Clinic and 3D printing facility.

Over 50 people participated in the directional hearing aid demonstration. This provided people the opportunity to experience what it would be like to wear a hearing aid.  There was also a second demonstration that enabled people a virtual reality  experience of what it would be like to be a child at school with a hearing loss.

Ear plugs were also handed out to encourage people to protect their hearing in noise.

Australian Hearing bus provided hearing screenings to over 150  people.

People also had the opportunity to look inside their ear using a video otoscope.

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