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Check your child's hearing

Check your child’s hearing

Check your child's hearing

If you feel like your child is not hearing all that you say, can be disruptive or loud, or doesn’t manage noisy situations, you may want to check your child’s hearing via our hearing quiz.

The Shepherd Centre’s Hearing Quiz helps parents find out if their child needs to have their hearing checked by a professional.

The quiz contains eight questions with a simple yes or no response and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Each question is designed to enable parents to identify whether their child may have a hearing loss or may need further testing by presenting everyday experiences which can be impacted by an unidentified hearing loss.

For example, a child’s speech (the way they say their words) and language (the way they use their words) use may be at level different to that of their peers, or their attention in environments with lots of noise may be lower.

Each year 1,000 babies are born with hearing loss, the most common disability diagnosed at birth.

By the time a child is ready to start school, 1 in 300 school aged children has a diagnosed hearing loss.

This means up to 4,000 young children are living with hearing loss at any point in the years between birth and school.

Early identification and intervention means a child is on track to develop speech, listening, language and social skills, and they can realise their full potential.

Even a temporary or mild hearing loss can lead delays in developing these key skills, and impact a child’s wellbeing and their ability to thrive in educational, work and social settings.

At the end of the quiz, you’ll be provided with contact options if you’d like more information or to investigate your child’s hearing further.

To check your child’s hearing, start the quiz now:

If you do have concerns about your child’s hearing and would like to speak to a professional, contact The Shepherd Centre today on (02) 9370 4400.

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