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Talking the talk: new games help kids explore language

Macquarie University Child Language Lab have designed a series of free language games that can be played at home.

Macquarie’s Child Language Lab usually has a regular stream of parents and children visiting to take part in studies, but with visits on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions, the researchers have come up with some alternatives in the form of creative new games. 

Since launching the games on 27 April, the Child Language Lab have been providing new games with a different theme every Monday. They continued to do this until NSW students were back at school full time, plus a few extras! You can find the games on the Lab’s website (as well as links on Facebook Page page or Twitter Feed).

Read more about the games and the rationale behind them in Macquarie University’s Lighouthouse news.


Speech experts: Child Language Lab researchers, bottom row left-right: Rosanne Abrahamse, Julien Millasseau, Dr Ben Davies; middle row left-right Distinguished Professor Katherine Demuth, Dr Nan Xu Rattanasone, Rebecca Holt; top row left-right; Anwar Alkhudidi, Dr Isabel O’Keeffe, Dr Titia Benders.
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