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Junior Science Camp children

Funding Success – Science Camps for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children

The Junior Science Camps for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children Committee was recently awarded with 3-years of funding from the Australian Hearing Hub and Campus Life ($14,976).


Junior Science Camp children

The camps began in 2018 as a pilot project to encourage deaf and hard-of-hearing (DHH) children to learn about science in a healthy, inclusive learning space. Every camp has been a learning and growing experience for all involved, and the new funding allows for 24 children to participate in a camp every year, over 3-years—double what was previously provided.


Importantly, the camps have been well-received within the community: A parent of an attendee said “she really appreciates having something special just for deaf and hard-of-hearing kids. She feels very comfortable and relaxed going to an activity where she knows people will be aware of her needs, such as technology and noise sensitivity.”

The recently-formed committee brings together a wide-range of expertise centred around paediatric hearing health, made possible by collaboration with the Australian Hearing Hub and its members. Dedicated to the long-term growth of the camps, the committee consists of Chi Yhun Lo—Parents of Deaf Children, Macquarie University; Kylie Hurd—Junior Science Academy; Louise Dodd—Australian Hearing Hub; Isabel O’Keeffe—Child Language Lab, Macquarie University; Rebecca Kim—Audiology, Macquarie University; and Angela Wong—National Acoustic Laboratories.

The next camps will run in September 2020 – so watch this space!

More information from previous camps can be found here:


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