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Hearing Hub JSA

Help deaf and hard-of-hearing kids access STEM

Hearing Hub JSA


As you’re aware, Macquarie University, the Australian Hearing Hub and the Junior Science Academy have successfully been running Hearing Hub junior Science Camps for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children since 2018.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. One of the most appreciated factors is that children at the camps have the opportunity to interact and learn with other deaf and hard-of-hearing kids. This doesn’t happen too often!

We’d like your help to extend the reach of this unique program, which has been named as a finalist in the Engagement Australia 2021 Excellence Awards.

Please, if you can, support us with a donation.

There’s no charge to attend these camps, which is why we’re asking for your kind support. Your tax-deductible gifting will help to cover:

    • Enrolment costs. More funding = more enrolments. The camps receive more applications than there are places available.
    • Regional scholarships. Regional families face additional barriers to attending the camps. Extra funding can support families with travel and accommodation costs.
    • Accessibility technologies to improve communication access via FM systems or captioning support.
    • Auslan interpreters.

This program means so much to so many.

“Pip McGuire attended the very first camp, and tells us why funding is so important.”

Giving regularly will ensure these specialised camps can continue running each year. Each child who attends will experience the benefits for years to come.

In the words of one parent:

“Most deaf and hard-of-hearing children are mainstreamed and advocating for themselves at school. It is important to be able to do that, but it can be difficult at times. It is great for them to be able to enjoy a camp with other students and adults who ‘get it’ about deafness.”

Please, if you can, help us to continue to showcase the ‘gold standard’ in education accessibility and nurture a love for learning and science.



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