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The Shepherd Centre commences services at Oran Park

For the first time, The Shepherd Centre has opened services in Oran Park, beginning with some of its existing families. The expansion of the organisation’s services to South West Sydney, one of the fastest growing regions in the NSW, will help countless families meet the additional needs of raising a child with hearing loss.

Prior to this, no similar services had been offered in the Macarthur area and with plans already underway for purchase of space in an adjacent building, The Shepherd Centre is committed to basing itself in the location permanently. With no waiting list for new families, this physical presence will immediately enable more children with hearing loss to access early intervention support while also making it more accessible to current families.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the delivery of programs and services in person, The Shepherd Centre has continued to provide support through online telehealth. It is hoped that face to face therapy will resume more regularly in 2022.

All of The Shepherd Centre’s services addressing paediatric hearing loss will be offered at the new location in Oran Park, including speech therapy, counselling and audiological support. With an anchor to the community, the organization is even better positioned to continue these services through school visits and can equip local educators with the tools needed to support children with hearing loss in mainstream settings.

For more information, please call Stephanie Ingram on 0414 692 970.

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