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Dr Nicki Chong-White

Trending Soundbites you may have missed in the last quarter

To Fit or Not to Fit

Over 100 attendees around the world joined Dr Brent Edwards in a highly robust live discussion around ‘To fit or not to fit! Strategies for fitting no-to-mild hearing losses’. Should we recommend hearing devices to people with no-to-mild hearing loss, and how well can hearing devices benefit this population? Watch the recording here.

Brent Edwards


Exploring Apple AirPods Pro

What are the hearing accessibility capabilities of AirPods Pro, and how can I set up and personalise them for people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss? How well do AirPods Pro perform as hearing devices to amplify sounds around the listener and improve signal-to-noise ratio? Dr Chong-White answers the above questions and more in our most recent Soundbites webinar. The recording had over 430 views in 7 days. Watch the recording here.

Dr Nicki Chong-White

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