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Hearing impairment in Adults: Longitudinal Outcomes Study (HALOS) seeking volunteers

Professor Bamini Gopinath, Cochlear Chair in Hearing and Health at Macquarie University, is leading a multidisciplinary team on the Hearing impairment in Adults: Longitudinal Outcomes Study (HALOS). HALOS is an internationally unique study of 900+ adults aged 40 years and over with hearing loss who use cochlear implants and/or hearing aids. The study will collect data on a broad range of outcomes including health, quality of life, cognitive health, mental wellbeing, independence, employment, and interpersonal relationships.

Prof Gopinath says, “Our team will drive this research to better understand how existing hearing interventions and technologies address the needs of adults with hearing loss. Given the many challenges faced by people with a hearing loss, it is imperative to better understand how hearing interventions impact on health and social outcomes, and the patient’s perspective of the hearing care pathway and delivery of hearing services.”

Participants in the study will complete a survey which will collect data on a broad range of health, psychosocial, and functional outcomes and hearing related measures. The HALOS research team will use the data from HALOS to advance our understanding of the benefits of hearing interventions in adults. Research outcomes can help inform clinical practice, improve delivery of hearing health services, and inform policy.

HALOS is currently looking for volunteers to participate in the study. They are looking for:

  • Adults aged 40 years +
  • Wear a hearing device (hearing aid and/or cochlear implant) in at least one ear
  • Proficient in English to complete the survey
  • Able to give informed consent.

Eligible volunteers will complete an online or paper-based survey on health and social outcomes which will take 60 minutes to complete and a 15 minute online cognitive assessment which involves some thinking tasks. An optional interview to discuss your hearing health journey will take 20-30 minutes and can be completed over the phone.

Participants will be reimbursed a $30 Coles-Myer gift card for their participation.

For more information, or to take part, contact the HALOS team via phone, text, or email on:

M: 0481 863 983



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