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Three Australian Hearing Hub employees graduate in August 2022

Three employees from the AHH community graduated from Macquarie University and attended the August graduation.


  • Right to left: Professor Robert Cowan, Associate Professor Elisabeth Harrison, Dr Aleisha Davis, Katie Neal, Professor Catherine McMahon & Dr Amanda Fullerton.

    Dr Aleisha Davis, Chief Clinical Officer, The Shepherd Centre completed her PhD, thesis entitled ‘Improving communication for children with hearing loss in their early years: Tracking progress and guiding intervention’.

  • Katie Neal, Principal, Research and Audiology Learning and Development, The Shepherd Centre completed her Master of Research theses entitled ‘Synchronising audiology measurement and listening based communication in adults with hearing loss a scoping review of clinical measures’.
  • Dr Amanda Fullerton, Research Audiologist, Cochlear, completed her PhD, which examined auditory and visual cortical activity in adult cochlear implant users and relationship to functional outcomes.


Congratulations, on your academic achievement



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