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Hearing Australia bus

Hearing the Nation Tour

Hearing Australia’s Hearing the Nation Tour is currently underway, and the organisation is urging the nearly 1 in 2 Australians who have never had a hearing test to register for a free hearing check.  

Research shows that only 56 per cent of Australians have had a hearing test in their lifetime1, compared with 87 per cent who have had an eye test2.

Hearing Australia Managing Director Kim Terrell says, “We know accessing medical check-ups can sometimes be a challenge, so we are holding more than 1,000 free* hearing check events all across the country in March – making it easier than ever to look after your hearing health.” 

Last year, more than 5,370 Australians had a free hearing check at one of the Hearing the Nation events that were held across Australia – from capital cities to outback towns. Of those, 2,590 people needed a further assessment to diagnose the extent of their hearing loss and potential treatment options. 

Hearing Australia’s specially equipped hearing buses are on the road, with events also being held in pharmacies, shopping centres, care homes, libraries, local sports clubs, GPs and community centres, with Hearing Australia’s team bringing expert hearing care directly to people in their communities. 

“This year we want to see even more people and we strongly encourage anyone who struggles to hear at home, in the office or at social events to act and get their hearing checked,” said Kim.

In 2022-23, Hearing Australia helped more than 280,000 children and adults. Each week, they continue to help thousands of children, adults, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, pensioners and veterans across the country connect with their families, friends and communities.

Visit for more information about local Hearing the Nation events and how to register. 

*Only 15-minute hearing checks are free. Conditions apply under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (‘HSP’).


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