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HEARlab is a versatile clinical device developed by the HEARing CRC and the National Acoustics Laboratory (NAL) to record and analyse electrophysiological data in the form of the Cortical Auditory Evoked Potentials.  It can be used to measure the hearing ability of babies, children and


The HEARing Education and Research Network (HEARnet) provides information about hearing, hearing loss and hearing technology for the public, hearing healthcare and medical professionals, and researchers. It is presented such that users can readily understand and apply information in their everyday lives or clinical practices.

Australian Hearing Hub launched at Macquarie University

  The Federal Government estimates that ten million Australians will suffer some level of hearing loss by 2050. With approximately one quarter of the population likely to be affected, the impact on Australian society, its economy, and its support services will be immense. In response

Cochlear’s Roberts discusses long road back

Cochlear’s chief Chris Roberts appears on Lateline to discuss the hearing implant maker’s recovery since a voluntary recall last September and his plans as part of the Australian Hearing Hub.

Audiology research story

The three researchers were looking for participants aged 65-80 with normal hearing to participate in a study on understanding speech in the presence of noise. Their study is aimed at understanding and improving speech perception in people with hearing difficulties.
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