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HEARlab is a versatile clinical device developed by the HEARing CRC and the National Acoustics Laboratory (NAL) to record and analyse electrophysiological data in the form of the Cortical Auditory Evoked Potentials.  It can be used to measure the hearing ability of babies, children and adults unable to respond verbally to hearing tests.

It has two different assessment modes:

  • Aided Cortical Assessment (ACA) – assists audiologists and speech pathologists in determining whether speech is audible to people fitted with hearing aids
  • Cortical Threshold Estimation (CTE) – uses tone bursts to estimate hearing threshold levels of individuals without their active participation during the test.

The device has been designed to make objective audiological assessment as easy and efficient as possible. HEARlab includes in-built statistical procedures that assist clinicians in determining whether an auditory response is present or absent, allowing testing to be conducted by clinicians who are not qualified electrophysiologists.  More information about HEARlab.

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